Old Loves

08 Jul

Old loves, everybody has them, but some just won’t go away! I do think about old ones that I let go, because of my new love, who’s very special to me. I want to be with this person, to give them love, cook for them, do what they want, when they want it, and spend the rest of my life with them! 

But, I want it to be a healthy long life with them! We are different ages, but think, want and need, pretty similar! I’m realistically honest with this person, that I love. 

You know my past loves know about this person. That really scares me! Somebody who looked like a past love of mine, almost killed me when I was volunteering for AmeriCorps in Maine. I believe old loves can haunt me and try to take me out. I’ve had a few with anger management issues. We all come with past loves baggage. 

I’ve had folks who I was friends with show up in pink wig disguises where they shouldn’t be, like Flagstaff, AZ. But my ex- husband said they were never there. But they were there, just in disguise. WHY?

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