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Breast Cancer Awareness

October as we all know it, is Breast Cancer Awareness month. We should never forget about what breast cancer does to us that affects our lives forever! I grew up knowing that my mom’s maternal grandmother died of breast cancer, at an older age. She should have had a full life, but it was taken from her, too soon! What really struck me growing up, was meeting four brothers that were robbed of their mother at a young age, by breast cancer. The Powell boys tried to overlook their mother’s death, but I think, it had a profound affect on their lives. I met Robert, Ted, David, and Bruce, just before their mom died of breast cancer. I haven’t stopped thinking of Gerrie Powell since. I felt for her through her young sons. They became my friends, then a love interest. This month, I can’t stop thinking about their mother and what she went through with breast cancer. I know I need a mammogram too! I’ve had two breast biopsies with two negative cysts removed. I need to have myself checked out! After watching The Talk, talk show, I was shocked, at how the incidences of breast cancer rise as a woman ages. We have much more early detection and better surgeries than we used to have. Mastectomies are not the norm these days. I’m behind of my health exams, but will be improving on them in the next few months. Yes, I will get that mammogram!!!!

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