America Alum

09 Jul

Yes, I’m proud to be an AmeriCorps Alum! There’s thousands of us in the world today, including my oldest daughter! When I was being interviewed to be in AmeriCorps, they always ask why do you want to join AmeriCorps? It’s a standard question and I had a lot of reasons! But, I really wanted to give back and help others! 

Give back my knowledge, my love for others, who really need to feel loved again, be more selfless, feel like I really can make a difference, and find what I do best. My calling in life. I always have been searching for reasons for my existence. 

I really believe in Social Justice For All! I was taught this at home as a child. I also felt it driving me and my thinking about others, less fortunate than I, as a child. My Aunt Doris was the town Welfare Officer. She worked hard and did a lot of paperwork to give folks benefits. I looked into adults and kids eyes as they walked past me, to meet my aunt. They were embarrassed, but hungry. They needed the basic needs in life and hope for a better future. 

My mom gave back to my school as a room mother and school field trip volunteer. She powered through having MS, although she didn’t know it, at the time. My dad helped other veterans like himself, through my hometown American Legion. He was voted head of his American Legion Post. I’m proud that my dad was a veteran of the Korean War. 

So, volunteering and giving back to others, being of service, is in my blood. I also learned it from my home environment. I believe in whenever or wherever you can, volunteer your time, your energy, your money, your hope, and your love for humanity. We are human and kind when we are born. We are the same, no matter our color, sex, race, or religion. We are all equal with opportunities for a bright and hopeful future. 

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