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You gotta have humor in marriage, in partnerships, and in love! When you lose your ability to laugh at your partner, with your partner, and about your partner, the love is gone. Humor makes relationships more bearable sometimes. You got to get mad at your partner sometimes. You say to your friends, I can’t believe, they just said or did that! But that’s my love!

I like to create my own jokes, puns, and poems, that I want to turn into a song, for my love. I wrote that poem/song, at 3am, when I couldn’t sleep. My love, my love, my love! I share a birthday with Jerry Seinfeld! I love sarcasm too and plays on words. I love to write and I feel like I’m doing stand up comedy in my present job. My humor, students asked me if I was a feminist yesterday? I said yes, but I couldn’t burn my bra, because I needed it. They laughed, but didn’t get the full joke. My daughters always get me laughing and giggling. We are a girl gang. Let’s face it, laughter is totally the best medicine!

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