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Being Real

I’m a real person that so many folks don’t really know or believe in. I believe folks don’t want someone like myself in their lives, because I love deeply and I’m too honest! Sincerity is not viable today and just, too old fashion. It’s  been a trip knowing all the folks in my life! 

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I was just watching the Academy Awards and just thought of a new film award category, The Oops We Made A Mistake Award! If I was giving out awards, I’d give Oscars to all The Best Picture Nominees this year! 

I love film, movies, and the Arts! I actually taught myself how to write a script for a video once, using a free App on my iPad Mini. So everything and anything is possible this year and for years to come! 

I loved the gowns and hair this year! I will forever miss Joan Rivers commentary for the fashion police! I have a lot of catching up to do with film watching! I just have to get myself feeling better. I’m going through a neuromuscular crisis with walking, balance, and talking. Hopefully, soon I get diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and possibly another disease. Not that I’m wanting to hear the news, but I’ll know, what we’re dealing with too and the treatment options. 

I was glad to see my favorite actors and actresses on stage. I’m a big John Legend fan too! I’m a product of the age of television and a huge fan of LA and Hollywood! It was great to see Michael J. Fox tonight along with the comedy of Seth Rogen! I would love to do a stand-up/ sit down comedy routine for MS and folks with neurological diseases! There has to be some humor in being ill! 

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Earthly Life

I know I’ll be only here once as Susan Trueblood Ramie. 

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I don’t know why my parents are alive? They were both ruled dead by a coroner, their funeral director didn’t want them to die. But, I did see someone that reminded me of my mother in her casket. As a 2 year old, I watched my dad’s military funeral come right down the street toward me. 

There are true life heroes like myself! Of course, many folks don’t know who we really are. We are blood donors, tax payers, volunteers(with & without pay), organ donors, sacrificial lambs, believers in the Afterlife, non-criminals, and really human and funny folks at times. 

It’s ok to honor real folks like me. I like recognition as much as anyone else does. I believe in saying thank you to my face, for a job well done. Not enough folks say thank you, but one 1st grade teacher said thank you, when I was in AmeriCorps. Only one person said thank you out of all the folks I worked with! 

That’s what’s the problem these days, there isn’t enough gratitude in the workplace, in families, amongst strangers, and in loved ones. What is kindness and why don’t enough people practice it? I guess, gratitude, thank you, and kindness aren’t words in the dictionary anymore? 

Modern day chivalry is too passe. It just doesn’t matter, I guess to some? But, I believe it still does have a foundation in American culture. It’s always right to be polite, kind, volunteer, donate blood, tissues & organs, and be an all round good person and mentor! 

It doesn’t matter what your height is, what your weight is, what your sexuality is, what your skin color is, what your religion is, and what your passion is! But, it does have to do with your being. Why do we exist in the first place? 

In my opinion, we’re all human with faults. Everyone makes mistakes and can always improve in life. I’m a prime example of someone who always needs to be better than I am. It’s more than my appearance, who I am as a person. I always scrutinize myself and think, I shouldn’t said or did that kind of behavior. I’m my biggest critic, but realize when I do good deeds for others and myself. 

I know, I have to take care of myself first, but I believe so strongly in others, especially in the folks I love! I can’t emphasize it enough, I’ve been hurt before and don’t want to lose my loved ones again. I don’t want to die of a broken heart, but would rather die from Multiple Sclerosis. 

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Trite Phrases

I have a great idea for a new publication, writing down “Trite Common English Phrases!” My blog has been reviewed by my ex-husband, and he thinks my word phrases are too trite or too common and ordinary. Maybe part of me is too basic in my choice of words? This is my personal/public opinion space, by me! Some of my writing is intellectual and some is just spoken from my heart. When he was telling me what he didn’t like about my work, I felt criticized and belittled. I am a very sensitive person, but have had to listen to criticsm before, in my life. Folks like him, hurt me by not putting any well meaning thoughts in place too. It’s how I think and make sense of my world. I have been recording my written words for a long time, since I had a diary in high school. At that time, my sister Cherie, violated my trust and read my diary without my permission! 

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Genetic Diseases

In my family genetic diseases are passed on through birth, but this is not all bad. I’m the second person besides my grandfather, that is putting a halt on the really bad effects from these diseases. 

My grandfather Rex Leo Trueblood donated his body to science, to be studied and learned from, after his death. I’m planning to do the same with my brain. I believe I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. This neurological disease, my mom had before I was born. This means, that my twin sister may also have this disease. But it can be treated and not be a death sentence. I really believe in stem cell research, to cure all diseases! 

I was reading today in “Allure magazine,”that platelets are a source   

of stem cells. Also cord blood from newborns is a great source of this. Every parent of a child has access to this when their child goes home from the hospital. Umbilical cords dry up and fall off. Why can’t these be saved or donated to save a loved ones life? What about animal  

umbilical cords too? A lot of lives could be saved from this! The last time I gave a blood donation, I took part in a doctor’s special order! I think I gave platelets or albumin away. I felt a profound love eminating from my heart when I was giving my donation. I really feel that I helped save someone’s life! I would do this again. It’s something, I really believe in! 

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Personal Value

How much is one life worth, anyway? I’m just that person, and I don’t know the value of my life? If someone would put a price on my head, such as a bounty hunter, what would that price be? Would it be $20, $5,000, $1,000,000, or am I priceless? I do feel, when I was conceived, The Lord, recycled the mold and said, “Can we make a better model?” There’s always room for an upgrade! 

I’ve made mistakes in my life, because of procrastination, but in the end, I listen to my conscience and heart. I think, my heart is too large and my brain is too big for it’s case, that is my skull. I still am not sure why I have survived this long, it could be by my own judgement, quick thinking, and ability to take defeat and pain? What do I fear? 

  1. Losing loved ones. 
  2. Being alone. 
  3. Dying in pain. 
  4. Being heartbroken. 
  5. Exploitation. 
  6. Innocently Imprisoned. 
  7. Aphasia. 
  8. Unable to swallow. 
  9. Buried alive. 
  10. Suffocation. 
  11. Senile Dementia. 
  12. Being Lost. 
  13. Robberies by force. 
  14. Stolen funds. 
  15. Inability to walk. 
  16. Falling down. 
  17. Being Trampled. 
  18. Belittling Remarks. 
  19. Seizures. 
  20. Lost Love. 
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