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Keep America Strong

I’m incredibly insecure about our frontline airport security. American airports have to think like European hubs. We are a global hub of busy travel. I know we will heighten security all over America for this patriotic holiday, but it has to be consistent across all American airports always! 

Do military like security like it takes to get on a base. Take this wake-up call seriously, I think we have to think like the enemy and get very serious about this. We have to be vigilant with all our states and territories. I don’t like Donald Trump’s wall idea, because we already have one. But Please Keep America Secure! 

I love to travel and have used many avenues of travel. Hello, let’s think of all these soft targets here in America and it’s territories. Yes, all Americans need to keep their eyes, ears, and all their senses open to their surroundings at all times. Wake up folks, this is our public reality! I hate to be a fear monger, but I’m a very protective person. I love my country, Donald Trump, and I too, want America to be safe and a peaceful nation like a lot of immigrants do too! 

I’ve worked with refugees through AmeriCorps in Maine. I met wonderful refugees and folks who try to help them feel welcome in America! But so many refugees really want to go back to their native roots. But they can’t. It’s definitely not safe, costs so much, and there’s not much left to go back to. 

They really are folks in limbo. They really try to be safe here, as their second home, away from home. They value their religion and culture. What’s wrong with that? Don’t we, as Americans? They need to feel secure and productive in America. Especially the young and older women. They feel free in America. What’s wrong with that? Nothing! America needs  more women of color to help make decisions. 

Sorry for my rant, but sometimes that’s what it takes to really get things done! Everyone, Please Keep America Strong! Hey, Donald Trump, I said all this, without cursing! 

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Black Cat Love

Yesterday I adopted and rescued two kittens from a California shelter via a National Petstore. For over a year, I frequent this Petstore to look at the dogs in the pet hotel/daycare and to look at the cats and kittens up for adoption. I always thought I should adopt one, but never took the steps to do that. I really believe in pet rescues and shelter adoptions, but was complacent in my attitude toward that. 

Well the time came, and I finally took the bull by the horns and did the right thing, and adopted an orange tabby polydactyl kitten and a stray malnurished black female kitten. In my family, the black kitten caught everybody’s eye. But my daughter who has volunteered with another animal shelter said, you’ve got to get both kitties, because they’re bonded. 

Yes, they really are bonded! I did notice at the Petstore, that all the folks looking at the kittens admired the orange tabby ones. One girl liked the black skinny one. In my family we all love black animals. We have a black Guinea pig that we adore! 

When I was young, I brought home a neighbors farm kitten to keep. I named it Midnight, because it was black! My mom didn’t like cats, so I brought it back to be given to a neighbors cousin. I never forgot Midnight! Years later, I found out Midnight got killed by a car a week after my friend’s cousin had her. I feel like I’ve come full circle by adopting this stray black kitten. Right now, we don’t have a certain name for her, but it won’t be Midnight. That name was already taken! I welcome any suggestions on a name for the black female kitty! 

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Adult Coloring Designs

I love to color adult coloring book designs! It’s a way for my artistry to come out and play. I’m curious to what my coloring patterns say and reveal about me? Am I friendly, playful, inventive, or unique? 

The coloring designs are meditative and therapeutic, but I feel more creative when doing them. They have taught me that I want and love to create beautiful designs of my own. I just thought some of the designs that I’ve colored would make great tattoos! 

Creating art patterns and coloring them is very liberating. I love putting new colors together to bring about some new design. I feel free in this way. I could take it a step further and put words to my art. Someone could use the art in a quilt! Now that’s a concept! I love the idea of making concepts come true! 

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Being American

America is my country of origin, but I have outrage against the FBI and how they do their job! Why didn’t they keep following the Orlando mass murderer? Please, keep bullets out of the hands of folks you’ve followed for 10 months! 

Hello, American, we are inclusive folks that shouldn’t hate and kill! This is 2016, let’s all respect color, race, religions, values, and sexual preferences! I’m only 1 person, but I’m truly an American! 

I believe in love not hate and peace not war! That’s what I’ve always believed as an American. I have felt hatred towards me too. It was ugly and wrong. I’ve felt fear towards me and I’m not the real fear. 

I’m protective and loving as a loved one and parent. I value the LGBTQ community at the Pulse nightclub who shielded each other from killing and ripping apart bullets, because they really know how to love one another! To me, they truly have good ‘ol American values. They are American treasures and true heroes! We need to look up to them not hate them! 

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Hate Crimes

I woke up early this morning to hear of the mass shooting massacre and tragedy in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. To me, this was a hate crime first and maybe Isis related second. 

How can you not think that this wasn’t a hate crime? This horrific act puts all folks in the LGBTQ communities across the USA and the world on alert! This massacre could have happened anywhere. 

Why did he drive 2 hours to this club? People that know ahead of time, that know about citizens buying these guns and high caliber killing bullets has to stop! How many more innocent folks have to die? Wake up politicians and presidential wannabes! Let’s get rid of haters, Please! 

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I know what this stands for, because I have it! Believe me, I’m not alone! Abused women, men, boys, girls, and pets have it! The young woman in the recent Stanford Sexual Assualt case has it! I read her whole letter to her Perpetrator or Digital Penetrator. Thank God, for the two Swedes that rescued her unconscious body and took down the Perp! Otherwise, he wouldn’t of been caught and she would have just been another victim, just a drunk one! 

I took a chance once when I was young, in the back of some guy’s van, who I met through a girlfriend’s date. A bar was involved, but luckily I wasn’t too drunk and I listened to my sixth sense. I got the hell out of there, before I got digitized. Some guys did do that to me though. Maybe, they were checking the fit? Guys like a virgin fit! 

Let’s get back to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It happens when you lose a loved one suddenly! They die or just plain reject you! Both has happened to me! I learned what PTSD was from my ex-husband. He said, while we were married, “I think you have PTSD?” He was right! I didn’t realize it at the time, but I did have it! I know why I had it too! I married the wrong person for my sensitive emotional make-up. The first time I met him, he revealed his angry side to me. I didn’t head the red flags. He has a flip personality. He can be so charming, but then he can change to needing Anger Management Classes. I am friends with him and we share 3 daughters. He’s just not good to be married to. Now, I don’t let him get very close to me, physically or emotionally. He doesn’t like boundaries. 

Folks concentrate on War Veterans  and PTSD, but boys have it too! What about the victims of Priests around the world? What about incest in families? What about high school locker rooms and PE classes? What about guys groping other guys? Why do they feel the need to do that? 

What about animals who have PTSD from owners that never get prosecuted for what they did to their pup? My daughters loving pup has PTSD! She was part of a puppy mill and was probably born in one. She had the great fortune to run away and be rescued by my daughter, who adopted her from the local animal shelter. Yesterday, I saw her PTSD come back, after my ex-husband touched her. I think she recognizes anger in humans. I saw the look of fear in her eyes and wanting to run away. Animals are so sensitive to this. 

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