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I'm a prolific writer of a very interesting and controversial needed blog. I'm currently looking for a part or full time job. I am a published author and have many other stories for children to publish. I'm an AmeriCorp Alum from the MLC Goodwill NNE Corp. I'm an artist, but I am on medical limited work leave currently. I will probably need workplace accomodations, to whomever is interested, in employing me. I'm intersted in working for not-for-profits again. I do have neurological deficits, such as loss of muscle tone and strenghth, recurrent headaches, head jerks, some visual disturbances, some bladder Multiple Sclerosis spasms, some forgetfullness, some difficulty speaking, numbness, but otherwise, a pretty strong desire for some type of work. I feel I can work for a Nonprofit or two, Partime.

Scarlet the Cardinal

Scarlet the Cardinal, is small and orange, with a sweet sounding melodic melody to his song. He’s a very sensitive juvenile that hasn’t turned his deep scarlet color yet. Scarlet looks lonely sitting on a branch calling out for a friend or a mate? Will this noble looking animal find what he’s waiting for? I hope so! 

Scarlet just flew off, I’m sure he’s hungry and foraging  on the bare branches for berries that he loves to eat. Yum, yum, yummy, says Scarlet in his pleasant musical chirp! What are Scarlet’s favorite foods? How often does he need to eat? Is it as often as you and me? What do you think? 

Who are Scarlet’s friends? Well I know his forest friends! The White Tailed buck or doe, the Canada Goose, Herman the Grounhog, the wee small Kits, and even the pincer aggressive Earwig, are all Scarlet’s forest friends. What adventures will they all have? Will they play separately or together? All forest friends will keep track of each other and will watch for their friends and neighbors! Any human would do that too! Guess what, humans are animals too. We walk like a bear and climb trees like them too! We are related, that’s why! 

By: Sue Ramie

Alphabet Animal Stories

Ages 2 – 7

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Lisa and Sheila at The Mall

Sheila why are you making that face?

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Aunt May takes over Lisa’s Emoji Pillow!!!!!

Dog Druel and all!!!!

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Where are Aunt May’s Sunglasses???

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I Can Do It

* A story about not giving in to Multiple Sclerosis and giving up

* This is about letting go of people’s laughter and attending events anyway

*  This is about being diagnosed and treated for Multiple Sclerosis

* This is about being a functioning employable senior female who is a lesbian. 

* This is about acceptance in the lesbian community and being loved in the face of chronic illness. 

By Susan T. Ramie 

All Rights Reserved 

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Hallmark Story Ideas | What’s on my Mind

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Being Me

I’m the only person who can really speak about this topic, from my viewpoint! It’s weird and sometimes satisfying to be ME. It depends on who I’m with at the time. I have been in bed with my lover and that experience has been amazing and so uplifting! I haven’t felt exactly that euphoric ever. 

I had an orgasm that was of a loving nature. I’m out of this world, on cloud 9, about her. She puts out a lot of warmth and energy that I absorb and relate to. Her touch and voice takes over my body and my defenses. I felt her energy rise and so did mine. It wasn’t directly clitoral stimulation, but it was how she made me feel. I had been flying before with an old boyfriend, but this was , I believe, a mutual satisfaction or O or I got a high better than any drug in the world. Love is by far, the best drug and climaxing is where it’s’ at. 

I love sex and I’m older than she is. I hope she’s not trying me out for someone else to love better. I look better in person than in photos. Boy do I love this very special woman in my life. We’ve had our ups and downs, but I’m extremely happy with her! 

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