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America’s Got Talent in San Francisco

Yesterday, I went to the taping of the San Francisco Auditions of America’s Got Talent. It was a great experience and one that I’ll never forget! I was part of a large group welcoming party for Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel, Howard Stern, and Nick Cannon. I saw Sharon Osbourne from about 7 feet away! I loved her hairstyle and color! Her hair was a red with a shade of black in it. It was done exceptionally well! She was so welcoming and nice to the crowd. We actually looked more like a mob around her. I saw what celebrities go through in crowds. It wasn’t much fun! In contrast, Nick Cannon and Howard Stern were well shrouded by security guards! I only saw the top of Howard’s head and I didn’t see Nick at all in the crowd. I was pleased with the comments that the judges had to make about the talent performing on stage. I thought the judges did their jobs well. The star of the show, was Granny G. from Grass Valley, CA. She was an 80 year-old granny with a walker that said, she was going to talk about “family values.” Granny G. talked about horny young men and rapped a great tune! She was stupendous!!! All of us will see her on stage during their show in Las Vegas! I also learned a new hair term in S.F. One guy attending the show was wearing a skullet! I didn’t know what that was, until I saw it in person. I had a great time in San Fran, watching the audition show. I recommend seeing a live television show, for free! It’s a lot of fun and you might see a “skullet” too!


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