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Connecting With The Dead

I wake up most mornings with so many ideas on my mind. Of course, it probably didn’t help last night, that I couldn’t fall asleep. Friends from the past were in my thoughts, story writing ideas, and trying to find the right stamps and coins to help pay off my bills. I feel excited about the future and I’m trying to plan the next 6 months of my life. To a lot of people that sounds premature, but it drives me to keep chuggin on with life.

My male friends from my childhood have been steadily on my mind the last few weeks. I do want to be friends with the Powell brothers, but they may not want to reciprocate the same sentiment with me. I have often wondered why they came into my life so suddenly. The plan for all this interaction, I think, revolves around their mother’s death from cancer. It’s a weird feeling I have about her. In my gut I feel that she is trying to contact me, to acknowledge them again. I still deeply care for them and always will. Sometimes, I think, the dead leave clues for us to discover. Yesterday, I met a nice lady formerly from New Jersey, who had an accent similar to the brothers. I also found a head scarf that is used to cover a bald head for someone who has had chemotherapy. This game of clues, I’m sure, will continue to unfold their true meaning.

Yesterday, my daughter Laura, uncovered stories that she had written in grade school. Currently, she is teaching children how to write their own stories from pictures they’ve made at summer camp. She was amazed at how good her stories were. It pays to save all the stories that were significant to your children from their school age years. When I woke up this morning, in my head, I was writing a story about a watercolor that Sheila has been working on lately. Like I said, my mind was super active. I thought, it is like school, give someone a picture and paint an exciting portrayal about that subject. It was a lot of fun for me to do that about Saddle’s watercolor portrait. Sheila gave me a southwestern background that I love to work with too.

My dad was a collector of stamps, coins, rocks and minerals, and a lifetime of photos. For some time, I have been trying to find a home for his stamp collection. Next Wednesday, I hope Michaan’s Auction House will take it on for consignment. I’m going to do a little research into what stamps are desired now and hopefully, will find some of those in his childhood album. Right now, I’m the only one who cares about this collection. I do want to share it with other fine stamp collectors out there. Some coins I collect also, but of the more recent vintage. Yesterday, I found a large amount of Chinese currency that he had held onto from WW II. My dad took fascinating photos of 1940’s Chinese residents and had a love for Jade stone for carving. Finding that treasure trove yesterday, made me feel closer to my dad, and thought,

Ghost Whisperer Alert

Connecting with the Dead

maybe he’s trying to reach out to me in death, too. His naval ship popped into my mind and I thought, for the first time, to look that ship up on the web. Yes, they have a website, and they have a reunion every year. His ship, the USS Mispillion, is part of the moth ball fleet, moored in Suisun Bay near Benicia, California. Lately, there have been some unique connections with the dead happening in my life. I’m not afraid of these happenings, I just want to find out more about them and why are they happening to me now?

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Patriotic Activity

Yesterday, I began a one day job teaching preschool to middle school children patriotic songs. I thought, yes I can do that! I’m an All – American citizen who definitely cares about her country. Knowing I was going to be teaching these children singing, I went searching for song books that I owned. The “We Sing Songbook” about patriotic songs was what I found. I think it may have been started by teachers from the 1970’s. It’s a great little book about American History and teaches about when these great songs were written and why they are so memorable. The big problem I had in teaching these children, was they were not interested in learning these American standby songs. I was given an assignment and job that they could care less about. There attitude, as well as, the summer academy owner’s, really bothered me. I take all my jobs seriously! There were about 8 out of 20 children that did care about what I was doing yesterday! That shocked me with there beautiful voices and music reading ability! In the end, I did it for them. Kudos to those children who have learned something great about Americas’ patriotic songs. I think they will go far in this country!

Today was supposed to be a day to get my antiques appraised. I traveled to Alameda with mapquest driving instructions on my seat next to me. I got lost in Alameda and ended up in the parking lot of the USS Hornet Museum and Aircraft Carrier from WWII and two Lunar Landings Recoveries. It was ironic after yesterday, trying to teach children about patriotic songs and American History. I did feel drawn to the USS Hornet. I was one of the most successful Navy vessels that fought during the war. Maybe, my dad’s spirit was drawing me there. I did have his Military Issue WWII Money Certificates with me to be appraised for their current value. So I paid for my admission and sat down for the live orientation to the ship. Immediately I felt cold temperatures next to me and around my legs. The cold sensations were sitting next to me in an empty seat. After orientation was over, I joined a docent student tour through the lower decks of the ship. As we entered a crewman living deck, I felt unusual warm spots where nobody was standing. It felt like energy that had been leftover there. One other place I have felt, what I think is paranormal activity, is the same type of warm spots with cold ones at the Niles Essanay Silent Film Theater in Niles, CA. It felt to me, that the ghosts were making their presence known to me at both of those places. I know Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters have checked out the USS Hornet for paranormal activity and have found that it exists there.

So it was a very patriotic last two days for me. I felt good that some of the children that I sang patriotic songs with shared history with me that day. We felt American together. The tour I took today on the USS Hornet and the museum volunteers and people I spoke with made me feel more patriotic and I thought I was doing good re-living our country’s young history. Yes, I remember the Apollo 11 Moon Landing and their vessel recovery with our brave astronauts was placed onboard the ship the USS Hornet. I’m proud to have visited this great Navy ship. I know my dad would have been very proud. I feel he was one of the Navy personnel that was aboard ship with me today.

"My Navy Dad Al"

Dad loved the Navy!


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