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In The Cloud

I love using my electronic devices and sharing information in The Cloud! I share music, videos, photos, and my Gene Tree. I want myself and other folks I’ve met to be able to share in their Cloud. Clouds are around the World! Even as a child, I thought about reaching out to other folks globally! I hope my words could be translated in many other languages. I hope folks in our videos and on our print material could connect on FaceTime with their relatives. 

I met wonderful folks from The Middle East and African countries while I was in Maine! I would love to share with them in The Cloud and have them connect with their relatives. Such as a virtual family reunion. I would love for my Cloud to reach folks in Documentaries that I’ve never met globally! 

I believe in all possibilities, of hope, of peace, of acceptance, of tolerance, and of love for all. Maybe, I could be a political speechwriter? You never know? I might have political and celebrity followers that can help folks with their Clouds! Sharing is caring for humanity and the world! 

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Women – The Rising Class

Women of all ages, social status, religions, cultures, colors, and transgenders are rising up for their rights, to own and operate businesses, to be politically powerful, and to wake up a changing American landscape of men being the superior sex. 

Women outnumber men in college, operate successful businesses to feed their families, and want to be heard and equal to men all around the world. Donald Trump you want to make America great again. Women have already been doing that, since they got the right to vote in America. I support Middle Eastern women who become American citizens. They want to vote and finally have their say. I support African women who make beautiful crafts, to feed their families, give clothes to their children, so their children can go to school. Education is so important to all people, not just here in America. Donald Trump, it sounds like you don’t believe in public education. You prefer, private schools and probably Christian schools. African and refugee schools are for children who need education and have lost so much in their lives. Do you know what happens or could happen if they don’t get educated? Those refugee children lose hope, they don’t value their lives or anyone else’s. They become a terrorist threat not only to Americans, but to everyone around the world. Everyone on this planet, needs public education as to the ways of the world we live in. 

As for many women, they join the Peace Corp, AmeriCorps, the Military, the Supreme Court, and of course, Politics. Women have done so much for American values, medicine, and science. American women who are Black, raise children to be socially and politically conscious adults. Women of all colors Raise People Up! So do transgender and gay women. Are all those women left out of the conversation? 

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Political Speeches

In political convention season and I will be watching and listening! I just listened to Donald Trump’s and his running mate’s speech, Gov. Mike Pence. What a contrast in styles and speech rhetoric. Who sounds more Presidential, Mike Pence. Who’s a better power speaker, Mike Pence. Who keeps on topic, Mike Pence. He compensates for Donald Trump’s weaknesses. 

But what I didn’t like was how he almost pushed Donald Trump aside when he came up to the podium to accept being the VP nominee. You can tell who wears the pants in the Pence family! It worries me that these two running mates only accept Christians as being fundamental to the American way of life, values, and business world. They think people of color, different ethnic races, other religions, and nontraditional sexual preferences than their’s are all bad. I think they consider us outcastes. Not the rising class, but all of us, are the ones to run out of town. Like there’s a new Sheriff in town, Donald Trump and Mike Pence. 

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America Alum

Yes, I’m proud to be an AmeriCorps Alum! There’s thousands of us in the world today, including my oldest daughter! When I was being interviewed to be in AmeriCorps, they always ask why do you want to join AmeriCorps? It’s a standard question and I had a lot of reasons! But, I really wanted to give back and help others! 

Give back my knowledge, my love for others, who really need to feel loved again, be more selfless, feel like I really can make a difference, and find what I do best. My calling in life. I always have been searching for reasons for my existence. 

I really believe in Social Justice For All! I was taught this at home as a child. I also felt it driving me and my thinking about others, less fortunate than I, as a child. My Aunt Doris was the town Welfare Officer. She worked hard and did a lot of paperwork to give folks benefits. I looked into adults and kids eyes as they walked past me, to meet my aunt. They were embarrassed, but hungry. They needed the basic needs in life and hope for a better future. 

My mom gave back to my school as a room mother and school field trip volunteer. She powered through having MS, although she didn’t know it, at the time. My dad helped other veterans like himself, through my hometown American Legion. He was voted head of his American Legion Post. I’m proud that my dad was a veteran of the Korean War. 

So, volunteering and giving back to others, being of service, is in my blood. I also learned it from my home environment. I believe in whenever or wherever you can, volunteer your time, your energy, your money, your hope, and your love for humanity. We are human and kind when we are born. We are the same, no matter our color, sex, race, or religion. We are all equal with opportunities for a bright and hopeful future. 

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Old Loves

Old loves, everybody has them, but some just won’t go away! I do think about old ones that I let go, because of my new love, who’s very special to me. I want to be with this person, to give them love, cook for them, do what they want, when they want it, and spend the rest of my life with them! 

But, I want it to be a healthy long life with them! We are different ages, but think, want and need, pretty similar! I’m realistically honest with this person, that I love. 

You know my past loves know about this person. That really scares me! Somebody who looked like a past love of mine, almost killed me when I was volunteering for AmeriCorps in Maine. I believe old loves can haunt me and try to take me out. I’ve had a few with anger management issues. We all come with past loves baggage. 

I’ve had folks who I was friends with show up in pink wig disguises where they shouldn’t be, like Flagstaff, AZ. But my ex- husband said they were never there. But they were there, just in disguise. WHY?

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Internet Bullying

To me, Internet Bullying is like making personal terrorist threats toward someone. This has happened and is still happening toward me. It angers me and then frightens me. The words or images of death are meant to scare me and are intentional. 

I feel like the folks who use this type of bully terrorist tactics, want me to be quiet, stop writing, or posting, and want me to stay inside and not have any fun or hope to have a happy life. They wouldn’t mind if something happened to me. But when they post threats they stay forever online and images can be retrieved. 

I want Internet Bullies to stop. If something happened to me, I have a few someone’s in my life, that would care. Maybe lots. Who knows? 

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Blood DonorsĀ 

Yesterday, I made an appointment to be a blood donor again! It’s something that selfless, that everyone that can, should do! I’ve done it quite a few times. I keep seeing the news image of blood donors in Orlando, waiting in line, to give life to the victims of the mass tragedy. 

It’s not just for victims of mass tragedies. Blood donations are needed all the time! When I was working as a nurse, I would pick up the pint of blood for my patient and then start their IV and transfuse it into them. When my mom was very sick, I wanted to give her my blood, for the transfusion she needed. But I couldn’t then. I didn’t weigh 110lbs. I never forgot that though. So I give to other folks, in need! 

A little fact in my own family. Only 2 out of 5 of us, are blood donors. One of my daughters and myself! When my dad was alive, he gave as much as he could. He was the only member of his family giving blood donations. I’m a Universal Donor, like he was. My daughter has a different blood type. 

There’s a lot I don’t understand in this world, but a huge one is, why aren’t there more blood donors? Why aren’t people more selfless or caring about strangers? Giving blood is life saving and giving back! It’s another form of volunteerism, that I take seriously. Yah, I’m receiving a cool tie dyed shirt thanking me for my service, but it’s so much more than that! 

You can save your own life, if you’re having surgery and may need a blood transfusion. You can donate your blood back to yourself! It does my heart good, to give life back to someone else! I’m proud to give back to a total stranger. Being selfless and giving life and hope, is something we all should think about and do! Please, be a blood donor! You can save a life! 

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