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Blog posts, emails, and text messages never go away and that’s a good thing. I’m honest with mine and they reveal who I am as a person. Our electronic social footprint speaks for us, when we’re not face to face. This year, I’ve learned to be honest and vulnerable, in my communication. Sometimes my writing vulnerability scares me, but overall, it’s much needed for my head and for my heart.

I Love Writing and always will. I share my words and photos, because they express my feelings, when I can’t be available in person. My art and love of art, is equally important to who I am as a person. What’s going on in my life, then look at my art. Our art reveals us and what is going on in those moments of our time and life.

Life is constantly moving all around us. But each organism’s energy is ongoing. Energy doesn’t die or go away. Think about it! We are never truly alone, because of all this ongoing energy in our environment. Energy, keeps me going and tries to keep me strong, when I’m depleted or weak. Energy, good or bad, is life! We just have to know how to deal with it. That’s my life lesson for today.

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Posted by on April 24, 2016 in Electronic Footprint, Energy, spirit