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Public, but Private

I love to write down my stories and thoughts and see them published. So that means, I like to share with the public, but deep deep down, I’m a very private person. My deepest thoughts are so very exclusive. 

As a New Years Resolution, I decided to start my own Google Docs, full of startling true stories. Revealing my most personal secrets was very liberating for me. I just finally thought, what the hell, just do it! It hasn’t been easy releasing my secrets and hoping the folks I dissed, don’t come back at me. If only they knew what I wrote about them, Whoa! 

It’s like I’m writing a blog or diary, in secret. But, it does tell all and reveals who I am, most of all. I wouldn’t mind if 3 very trusted folks read it, but that’s an idea of mine. It has been a cathartic piece of work. I have lost sleep over it, sometimes. During the night, I’ve woken up, with more revelations to jot down electronically. I wanted to talk about it publicly, but remain private. 

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Today is my birthday and I’m sharing it with disabled students and their caregivers. I made a choice to spend my day with them and I brought snacks, cookies, and Capri Sun. I was going to go gluten free, but I didn’t get that done. 

I really like spending my special day with students that others don’t want spend time with. It’s hard because these students don’t talk, but they can smile and get excited. Their caregivers are special folks too. They don’t get a lot of thanks. They are kind and good people. 

They were surprised when I said the cookies were homemade. I haven’t baked in a long time, but I enjoyed doing it. If I was in Maine, I would of bought Whoopie Pies. If I was in New York, I would have bought Half Moon cookies. I love Choomi cookies too! 

One of the subs, said she went to high school with Jerry Seinfeld. It’s his birthday today too. She said, he had funny friends in school. She was surprised he chose stand up comedy, because he wasn’t terribly funny in high school. I’m sure he would probably   

Laugh at this post. Happy Birthday, Jerry Seinfeld! ♉️

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You gotta have humor in marriage, in partnerships, and in love! When you lose your ability to laugh at your partner, with your partner, and about your partner, the love is gone. Humor makes relationships more bearable sometimes. You got to get mad at your partner sometimes. You say to your friends, I can’t believe, they just said or did that! But that’s my love!

I like to create my own jokes, puns, and poems, that I want to turn into a song, for my love. I wrote that poem/song, at 3am, when I couldn’t sleep. My love, my love, my love! I share a birthday with Jerry Seinfeld! I love sarcasm too and plays on words. I love to write and I feel like I’m doing stand up comedy in my present job. My humor, students asked me if I was a feminist yesterday? I said yes, but I couldn’t burn my bra, because I needed it. They laughed, but didn’t get the full joke. My daughters always get me laughing and giggling. We are a girl gang. Let’s face it, laughter is totally the best medicine!

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Working today in Biology and Conceptual Physics. I’m learning about the student’s classroom teacher. She loves her Corgi. I found out from her TA, that she paid $2000 for him. Wow! I wouldn’t ever pay that much for a pet. After my daughter adopted a shelter dog, I’m sold on shelters or rescues. I still might buy another dog from a breeder, but would never spend that much. 

I had an experience in class with a boy that got his thumb stuck in a tape dispenser hole. His thumb started turning purple, so I took apart the dispenser cover and wiggled his thumb out, without injury. Teenage boys, oh boy! 

When I did nursing, we had a patient that put a to Tictac, in his ear. The doctor had me dissolve it in warm water. Of course, we also had a child that stuffed a tissue way up their nose. That was tricky for the doctor to remove. 

School is a weird place sometimes. Like nursing, you never know what’s going to happen next. I try to be alert, to what might happen. I do feel sorry for students that don’t like crowds. When we are passing sometimes, there are narrow walkways of students. Lots of students coming from different angles at me. Sometimes you’re jostled, but usually it’s civil. The other day, I heard a student say her ass was grabbed. It happened me too, this year. I wondered how many girls that has happened to? 

I feel protective of the female students, the disabled ones, and the gay and transgender students. I thought about bathrooms that are restricted in North Carolina schools. It’s wrong to be that homophobic or non-inclusive. 

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Why do people need to believe in a higher power? For myself, I need direction and to find hope for a better and brighter future. A higher power is beyond us, a source that we can call upon, in our greatest hour of need. I have done this, at least twice. One time when my Grandma’s heart had stopped and I didn’t want to lose her. I was 15, and had lost so many good folks in my life. I was so close to my Grandma, and didn’t want to give her up. I felt that if I prayed long and hard enough, she could survive.

So, I prayed and prayed, for hours. I never prayed so hard in my life. I felt like I had a direct line to God. My prayers worked, for the time being. But, I realized my belief in the power of prayer, was so strong. I realized I was significant in life. I was an important person, in God’s eyes. Since that time, I always believed in God. He was real to me. I had always believed in Jesus, but God was more ethereal.

The other time when I was all alone and wondering whether I should live or die, was another time of supernatural strength. I wasn’t going to make it on my own, I needed love, support, and understanding beyond me. It was my darkest hour of need. After awhile, I realized I was significant and special in my own way. I had a right to be born, but not a right to take my own life. It’s a point of crossing over, when a higher power takes over. I’ll never forget that revelation and turning point in my young life. It’s so sad to me, for some folks never get this revelation, and they take their own life. Some of my relatives took their own lives. That’s something I will never do. I can’t, because I love and are loved by special people in my life. They mean the world to me!



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Blog posts, emails, and text messages never go away and that’s a good thing. I’m honest with mine and they reveal who I am as a person. Our electronic social footprint speaks for us, when we’re not face to face. This year, I’ve learned to be honest and vulnerable, in my communication. Sometimes my writing vulnerability scares me, but overall, it’s much needed for my head and for my heart.

I Love Writing and always will. I share my words and photos, because they express my feelings, when I can’t be available in person. My art and love of art, is equally important to who I am as a person. What’s going on in my life, then look at my art. Our art reveals us and what is going on in those moments of our time and life.

Life is constantly moving all around us. But each organism’s energy is ongoing. Energy doesn’t die or go away. Think about it! We are never truly alone, because of all this ongoing energy in our environment. Energy, keeps me going and tries to keep me strong, when I’m depleted or weak. Energy, good or bad, is life! We just have to know how to deal with it. That’s my life lesson for today.

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