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The to do File

It was a catch up day for me today. Catching up with all the mundane jobs that I put off, until they have to be done. One is closet cleaning. This for me, probably happens twice a year. I open up my clothes closet everyday to select my wardrobe, but don’t want to go near it, to organize it and recycle its contents. It takes hours to do this and active thinking. Although, I had these feelings about this job, it was worthwhile doing it!

What I found was fruitful and relieving. For all of the winter months, I had been looking for my favorite green and white sweater. I knew it still existed, but didn’t know where it had disappeared to. My closet was like a dank, dark, dungeon where my forsaken clothes were released to. I found a cotton plaid shirt that so reminded me of the shirt I just ordered from L.L.Bean, because I needed that shirt again. I guess you might say, a day later and a dollar short. Well, the old one looked old and the new one will be bright and crisp. I was thinking about the new substitute work year when I ordered it. I am looking forward to the new school year, now that this one is wrapping up.

From my closet, I recycled many magazine articles that I had saved and just didn’t find a need for them anymore. They were clutter without a purpose. A good thing to recycle. I so believe in recycling and reusing. My old paper will be used as ground up material in pet bedding and in reusable paper making. I felt good releasing my clutter. It felt like a natural purging. I even found a “Polar Express” music CD that I never opened from some Christmas’s ago. I might give it as a gift next year or open it and enjoy it for myself.

It also endeared me to find my oldest daughter’s baby shoes, my dad’s Navy years photo album, and my “American Idol” and sports cards album again. Uncovering the old is sentimental and heartfelt to me. My oldest daughter is 22 and working on her own art business. I’m a big sports fan and wanted to find my LeBron James Cavaliers basketball card again. I’ve been watching all the NBA Finals games and I still think LeBron and The Heat are great! Dallas is terrific too! It’s been a nail biting championship! Everytime, I find my dad’s photo albums I feel so close to him again. When I think of him, I miss him so much. I think it is my love for my relatives that have passed on that promotes paranormal activity that happens around myself and my family. We have heard unusual voices, seen movement of chairs, and have heard objects being dropped by no one. It’s a topic I feel very affected by and close to. More on this later.



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