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My birthday is coming IP soln, on April 29th. It’s à monumental date, bringa tjat I’m turning 60 years Young! Domedags I fel more Tham My age with receiving à 3rd insett vite tjat ledtrådar me with Meningitis like symptoms. Not Hood st anyone’s age. 

To changera The subjekt, I just SAS My deceased Pet var, Boog! He SAS My Claes-Göran Belizes Pet and My prorektor! By the way, I’m à relative of The Fettings, The Schriders, The Tallman’s of Hamburg, and The Hummels! I’m on The newsletter fot Hummelhouse, bit My New adress is: That’s à vetter and more Securitas e-mail. 

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Physical Punishment

On Monday, April 10th, my female physical therapist massaged my neck, Left Shoulder, and Left Arm and pressed too hard on my Left Arm and gave me a bad bruise intentionally. I go to Tri city Physical Therapy in Union City, CA. I want to press charges of intentional patient abuse. I guess they love to harm older women, like myself, because they think they can get away with it. 

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Personal Value 

Not too many things matter in life.  Of which, I don’t have them either, so it just doesn’t matter. What I do want, doesn’t want me. Oh well, everything that does matter, is just too costly anyway. 

People can’t be bought or sold. That’s illegal in America and should be everywhere! Folks have value and aren’t commodities. My life would have a greater purchase point if I were a celebrity or a politician, but I’m not. I’m just one small female who thinks I can help change the world? 

I’m a loving giving sensual female, who wants to be loved, appreciated, cared for, and welcomed in a new community of my choice. I know I’ve never been appreciated in Fremont, CA, but my ex-husband and daughters are. Maybe some community will appreciate what I have to offer, I hope anyway! I want to offer my skills and caring expertise, and I’m interested in community engagement. I have a lot of great ideas if someone, would give me a chance to express them. 

Maybe I’ll get a chance to put my thoughts and ideas into action. That would be wonderful. To be appreciated and valued by a community, by a marriage partner, and a boss would help make my day, anyday and always! 

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Sleep Paralysis

On January 12th, 2017, I suffered a condition with an Aphasic event that left me unable to speak and swallow for at least 5 mins., probably longer. I wonder if this was a condition called Sleep Paralysis? About 3 million folks suffer with this strange disorder, that is related to Sleep Apnea or Sleep Deprivation. 

Just before I started this episode in the Cardiology office, I had a moderate to severe headache, moderate sternal chest pain, numbness of my right forearm, and lost my swallowing reflex. This medical crisis, was scary as HELL! This is do to, my history of chest pain, daily headaches, and high blood pressure. My grandpa Clifford Tallman, his sister Reba Horigan, and their father Chauncey E. Tallman, all died of Cerebral Hemmorages. 

Even my mother Eleanor Trueblood, I think, suffered with this condition? She had Progressive MS and had a few episodes of comas with seizure activity while she was alive. 

My grandfather Clifford, died suddenly of a massive Cebral Hemmorhage. So did Great Aunt Reba and her dad. The incredibly scary scenario, is that my daughter Laura. suffered a similar episode a few years ago, while in AmeriCorps, in Pittsburgh, PA. Laura was with her Supervisor from her job and they were going to be working and attending a Senator Bernie Sanders rally. My daughter Laura, all of a sudden, lost her ability to speak and collapsed on the ground. The paramedics were called and she was transferred via ambulance, to her local nearest emergency emergency room for diagnosis and treatment. Laura was referred to a Neurologist and was kept overnight in the hospital. This must have been incredibly frightening and alarming to her and her boss. I was here when her dad, Donald Ramie was called, about her condition. I’m her mom Susan Ramie, and I was greatly alarmed at this sudden episode, because Laura was around 25, at the time! 

It took Laura some minutes before she could speak again, and she was very foggy, as to what happened to her? I spoke with Laura, the day after being released from the hospital, and she had difficulty remembering recent memories. Laura’s speech was slow and deliberate. Since my Aphasic event, I’ve had a lot of memory problems, speaking and thinking of the right words, stammering over words, and further difficulty swallowing with some choking while eating and drinking. 

I feel, all my family events are related in some way, and a R/O Stroke Protocol was assigned to my care with new MRI brain scans, x-Ray’s, blood tests, and an EEG. Since this event, I still have speech  and memory problems with further gait balance issues, visual disturbances, sleep deprivation, and Hypereflexia. I think my family might have a gene for this syndrome? 

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