23 Apr

I have many fair weather friends from my past. There are family members of mine who don’t realize my value as a friend, mother, and patriot. They should be kind, but rather choose to be the opposite. It’s really too bad that folks don’t believe in me, because I believe in myself. 

I’ve chosen to take the high road in life rather than, the road most often chosen. So many folks take the path of least resistance. They choose to lie, steal, cheat, and be dishonest toward everyone they meet in life. This is their behavior of choice, because they want to be popular, instead of being right or a good person. Money is usually involved, instead of love and being sincere with ones own feelings. 

I am another philosopher in my Trueblood family of relatives. I come from a long line of spiritual folks who believe in peace and being forthright individuals. Some older seniors will know what I’m talking about, such as the actor Mr. Al Pacino. I met him once at a 

Sam’s Club in Colorado. He’s not a large man in stature, but an honest, kind, and good man. I have met many celebrities in my day. They are truly successful and honest actors and actresses. Those folks are the lucky ones in life, because they have money, fame, and really good character. They aren’t playing characters or parts in life, they are justing being true to themselves and others. 

I choose those noble individuals to be my new aquaintances over others who just want to be the center of attention anyday. They are stars and are comfortable in their own skin. I’m who I am too. Far from perfect, but always true blooded and always will be that way. I’m incredibly loyal, to a fault, but I am. I’m honest and loving and I’m a person that has a nickname called zeeb! 

It sounds like I’m applying for work and I need a job. It’s too bad I’ve met a few bad apples in my life. There are always bad apples on the bottom of the barrel. I like the ones floating on top. The fresh, clean, healthy organic ones. 

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