Personal Value 

09 Apr

Not too many things matter in life.  Of which, I don’t have them either, so it just doesn’t matter. What I do want, doesn’t want me. Oh well, everything that does matter, is just too costly anyway. 

People can’t be bought or sold. That’s illegal in America and should be everywhere! Folks have value and aren’t commodities. My life would have a greater purchase point if I were a celebrity or a politician, but I’m not. I’m just one small female who thinks I can help change the world? 

I’m a loving giving sensual female, who wants to be loved, appreciated, cared for, and welcomed in a new community of my choice. I know I’ve never been appreciated in Fremont, CA, but my ex-husband and daughters are. Maybe some community will appreciate what I have to offer, I hope anyway! I want to offer my skills and caring expertise, and I’m interested in community engagement. I have a lot of great ideas if someone, would give me a chance to express them. 

Maybe I’ll get a chance to put my thoughts and ideas into action. That would be wonderful. To be appreciated and valued by a community, by a marriage partner, and a boss would help make my day, anyday and always! 


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