Sexual Harrassment

11 Mar

In 2014, when I was in AmeriCorps Goodwill NNE, I was sexually harassed and discriminated upon in the workplace,by my host site school. This was done by the elementary school librarian and one of the Special Education teachers. They arranged a group of teachers to be bystanders when they delivered this message to me, while I was already doing my job one morning, late in the school year. I was a volunteer with the MLC Corps working with English Language Learners in Wesltbrook, Maine. This form of bullying at my host site school had been going on for over a month. I didn’t know what was going on, but finally the librarian and the other Sp Ed teacher delivered their very clear message based on my perceived sexual orientation and the way I dressed. 

My host site AmeriCorps school, didn’t use me at all for volunteering when I introduced myself as their new AmeriCorps volunteer. This was most awkward when the director of my AmeriCorps Goodwill office, came for my host site visit. I was still in hope, that Canal School would eventually use me for my AmeriCorps duties. But they didn’t want to use me as a volunteer, because of my sexual orientation, even though, I wore suitable work clothes and was eager to volunteer. So I reported this twice to my AmeriCorps supervisor, who had my work schedule and knew where I was volunteering, based on my volunteer schedule I set up. I had a day timer that I used always for my work schedule. 

I reported in a long phone text message to my AmeriCorps supervisor the morning both of us were sexually harrassed, by the two teachers at my host site school. I had finished my volunteering for the day and couldn’t wait to get back to Scarborough, where I lived, to tell my AmeriCorps supervisor what had happened to both of us, that day. I ran out of characters, because I was upset and needed to report this to her. I trusted her, we were friends, but not in a relationship. I did know that I had fallen in love with her, but she had other relationships in her life. 

The next school day, I knew my AmeriCorps supervisor had told her supervisor and the Superintendent of the Westbrook School Department what had been spoken to me in my workplace, by the two teachers and at least 8 bystanders listening to this event. The school librarian treated me very coldly and made it a hostile work environment for me. Luckily I didn’t have much more time left in the school year. When school ended my AmeriCorps supervisor moved me to the Westbrook School Department to work in an upstairs office. It was too hot there and uncomfortable to work in, so I moved myself to the Walker Public Library to do my AmeriCorps work in a more friendly work environment. 

During my last work days at my host site school, we had a lockdown drill. This same librarian decided to not follow protocol and put her 1st grade students in the potential to be sacrificed by a gunman. She made a comment that she “Wanted to sacrifice herself.” I didn’t find this funny at all, because I thought her students were acting as angels and I decided to sacrifice myself, to save them. I  was planning on shielding them from harm, because I remembered what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the Principal and teaching staff sacrificed themselves to save others that school morning in Conneticut. 

I don’t think the school librarian was thinking of the nature of my work with refugee students from vulnerable countries? My host site school could have had death threats by hostile enemies to Americans. I received death threats myself on a you tube account I started for a School Registration Video. I never told my AmeriCorps supervisor about the death threats, I received via the Internet. The death threats occurred after I got back to CA too. I was also almost murdered in a heinous car accident attempt while I was driving to a school I volunteered at. Then I had a second attempt on my life going to work with AmeriCorps on I 295, near the Maine Mall/Jetport entrance. 

I don’t think I had a normal AmeriCorps experience and I would like to know, why not? 

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