08 Mar

What I want at this time of my life is freedom to move and live wherever I want to settle down roots. I’ve lived in three places all my life. One of those places, I’d like to return to. It’s a place that is growing, yet rural. If I had enough money, I’d get everything paid off and maybe even go to Europe, to live. Mostly, I want a private residence for a lot of reasons. 

I dream and visualize a smaller cabin or camp on a lake. It can be one to fix up. I don’t want to live there alone, so I have to consider my partner, I live with! What does she want? What are her dreams and goals for owning property? I know, she has wanted to buy a home. 

My future needs require a little extra space, not a lot. What are her needs for space and storage? My possessions have been shrinking over the years and I don’t need a storage unit. There’s the needs of my partner again. How much space does she require and is she amenable to new ways to handle clutter? I never lived with her stuff, so I don’t know how much she owns? She knows my amount of spacial requirements. 

I do love the new ways to recycle living space. Really, I would live with her anywhere! It doesn’t matter, because I love her with all my being. I was married before to a guy who didn’t value me. So, I have to value my new partner highly, or else, she’ll leave. We are still getting to know eachother and others have not let us have the space to do this. I never had a same sex relationship before and it’s different. 

After we met and worked together a few years ago, I wanted to get to know her better and live with her. There was something in me, that I wanted to have a relationship with her outside of work. My feelings were intense at times and I loved it when she visited me at my other job. I always wanted her to do that and I was so happy and shy when she did. She flirted with me and I wanted to go home with her. This was a chronic problem for us. Well at least, myself! Wherever she went, I wanted to go and see her. I knew she had a lot of friends, so I didn’t want to bother them, or get in the way. At work, I did stare at her and her body parts a lot. Everyone knew I had the hots for her. But I did believe, she had the same desires for me too! 

So I ended up being too pushy with her and we broke up. Then she realized we were no more and she was really sad. She crank called me and cried over the phone with her dog barking and I knew who it was! 

Well, then her siblings got involved and I took her back. We’ve been linked and attached to eachother ever since. I adore her! She doesn’t always adore me, but we have love and a sticky bond to eachother. I know she loves my humor and creativity. But not my medical problems. I have MS symptoms and I told her about them a long time ago. I didn’t want her to be in the dark, about my health and future needs. I think she has her own health problems too. I have to know about these and know what her treatment is. I love her and this is my responsibility as her partner. 

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