Safe Places

05 Mar

I was traveling last summer, paying for and staying in pretty expensive motel rooms along the way. One night in Texas, I got undressed for bed and climbed inside the made-up linens for a restful night’s sleep. After I had laid down a bit, I felt a bite near my right knee. It felt like a bug had  bit me. I through off the covers and investigated my right knee area. I didn’t see any bugs, but a man’s hand came up through the top mattress cover and touched mine. 

I freaked out at the sight of the knobby man’s hand. I think he was a dwarf. I realized this was the creepiest experience I had ever been through and moved to the other side of the bed. I realized this was a sexual assault, because I was disrobed, in my underwear, and was sleeping as a middle-aged woman alone. I didn’t know why this was happening to me and didn’t want any part of this person inside this bed. 

At first, I thought this was my marriage partner, because she had managed to do this, once before. But this was a really scary event and a wake-up call, for anyone travelling alone and sleeping without a partner. I have an idea who this was pulling this invasive stunt, it may have been a TV celebrity? I’m a big fan of celebrities, but this was way out of line and criminal behavior! 

I’m extra sensitive to sexual assaults, because I have had two guys try to rape me before. Once when I was a child and once during my marriage. Luckily both guys stopped before my body was penetrated. 

Recently, where I’m renting a room, I’ve had my marriage partner hiding inside my mattress. I guess, this is a joke to her, but dangerous for me. Once a child climbed inside this bed, was lying next to me, and zapped me with some electrical device! My partner was lying on the left side of me, zapping my left arm. This I worry, is a fire hazard inside a mattress! 

Once there has also been another female inside this bed, and injected me with a SC needle, some kind of fluid into my left arm muscle. One morning, I found a bloody needle mark on my abdomen, left from some type of injection. Another time, I thought a guy was sleeping next to me! My partner is a female and I don’t want anyone else sleeping inside my bed, other than her. We’ve started to have a sexual relationship and I really love her. I hope she realizes this! 

I haven’t told the police about this, because I didn’t think they would believe me! I think this is a new way to sexually assault someone, by hiding inside their mattress! This is an IKEA mattress and bed. My marriage partner is Swedish and I guess, thinks this is funny? I don’t! This concept reminds me of when I stayed at the Downeaster Motel in Scarborough, Maine, and springs were removed under my mattress, I guess, to allow someone to climb inside or stash something inside there. This is a PSA, from Susan Ramie, beware of sexual assaults, photos, or cell phone video being taken of yourself illegally, by perverts or sexual predators! I have had, illegal video and photos taken of my exposed body parts without my permission! 

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