What is MS? 

01 Mar

MS or Multiple Sclerosis, is a very unpredictable and troubling disease! My mother was diagnosed with it first, when she was in her 20’s, by her Opthalmologist in Utica, NY. She got an additional diagnosis of MS, when she was 46. My mom had some symptoms in common with myself, her twin daughter, Susan. My mom had High Blood Pressure, Toxemia, A fungal infection, and Whooping Cough. Eleanor T Trueblood, had the worst form of MS, the progressive kind. 

My father Albert Leo Trueblood had a cousin with MS in Colorado. Karol Trueblood was a smoker like my mom and ended up in a W/C at 33. 

I’m a fraternal twin and had Whooping Cough with my sister, when we were around 10. Soon after Whooping Cough, I developed Scarlet Fever and almost died of a really high fever. I noticed when I was exercising, riding my bike as a teen, my legs became very heavy and felt like wood. At 15, I started saying the wrong words such as, purfle for purple. I could barely get out of bed in the morning to go to school. I couldn’t seem to get enough rest and felt like I needed a shot of Adrenaline, to get me going. At 15, I lost my beloved Grandmother Harriet Tallman. My mom’s condition worsened and I thought my twin sister and I, were going to go to Foster Care. I suffered a very serious Clinical Depression, that year. When my mom was diagnosed, she asked me, a 12 year old to give her all her Librium and assist her with her suicide. 

At 21, I had a very stressful job and would forget what I was supposed to remember when I walked to patient’s rooms. I was a medication and IV nurse usually. I also was a preceptor for new grads starting out. When I was recapping used needles, I was uncoordinated and had quite a few needle sticks. I have been tested for HIV, so many times with negative results. 

I noticed in my 20’s, that I had recurring severe headaches, right hand weakness, legs I couldn’t feel  while walking, and fungal infections. I had a bout with severe nerve pain in my right forearm. Then in my 30’s, I developed high blood pressure, tripping my feet, dropping items, and couldn’t feel the pen or pencil, I was writing with. I became pregnant, suffered from Asthsma, Toxemia, and back pain. At 30, my mom died of MS related complications.

In my 40’s, I started to have ataxia, a limp, couldn’t remember words and lists, began writing directions down, became emotional and moody, couldn’t sleep well, had an analphilactic reaction to Sulfa, and began a long term bout with PTSD and Depression. I couldn’t stand high temperatures and high humidity. I began to have muscle spasms, right arm tremor, weird bouts of breathing, bladder spasms, and difficulty reaching orgasm. Sometimes, not at all. 

In my 50’s, I may be getting the diagnosis of MS, I’ve been waiting for. When my mom was diagnosed, I couldn’t accept her diagnosis and advancing MS. I’m ready now, but what about my loved ones? My first marriage broke up in Divorce. Not too many folks want to stick it out with MS patients. If they do, it would have to be for love and being seriously bonded with that person. I have met a new love in my life, but I seriously have to be upfront with my loved ones, about my prognosis and treatments. I will try to show my love and be as sexual as I can be. I believe in intimacy and still enjoy sex. There are many intimate ways to show your partner that you love them. I would love to go on a tour around the United States and Abroad, to speak about MS related issues, especially intimacy and sexual needs. I believe in Sex Therapy for any Sexual Dysfunction. I’m thinking of studying Sex Therapy. 

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