26 Feb

I was just watching the Academy Awards and just thought of a new film award category, The Oops We Made A Mistake Award! If I was giving out awards, I’d give Oscars to all The Best Picture Nominees this year! 

I love film, movies, and the Arts! I actually taught myself how to write a script for a video once, using a free App on my iPad Mini. So everything and anything is possible this year and for years to come! 

I loved the gowns and hair this year! I will forever miss Joan Rivers commentary for the fashion police! I have a lot of catching up to do with film watching! I just have to get myself feeling better. I’m going through a neuromuscular crisis with walking, balance, and talking. Hopefully, soon I get diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and possibly another disease. Not that I’m wanting to hear the news, but I’ll know, what we’re dealing with too and the treatment options. 

I was glad to see my favorite actors and actresses on stage. I’m a big John Legend fan too! I’m a product of the age of television and a huge fan of LA and Hollywood! It was great to see Michael J. Fox tonight along with the comedy of Seth Rogen! I would love to do a stand-up/ sit down comedy routine for MS and folks with neurological diseases! There has to be some humor in being ill! 

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