Trite Phrases

20 Feb

I have a great idea for a new publication, writing down “Trite Common English Phrases!” My blog has been reviewed by my ex-husband, and he thinks my word phrases are too trite or too common and ordinary. Maybe part of me is too basic in my choice of words? This is my personal/public opinion space, by me! Some of my writing is intellectual and some is just spoken from my heart. When he was telling me what he didn’t like about my work, I felt criticized and belittled. I am a very sensitive person, but have had to listen to criticsm before, in my life. Folks like him, hurt me by not putting any well meaning thoughts in place too. It’s how I think and make sense of my world. I have been recording my written words for a long time, since I had a diary in high school. At that time, my sister Cherie, violated my trust and read my diary without my permission! 

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