Personal Value

20 Feb

How much is one life worth, anyway? I’m just that person, and I don’t know the value of my life? If someone would put a price on my head, such as a bounty hunter, what would that price be? Would it be $20, $5,000, $1,000,000, or am I priceless? I do feel, when I was conceived, The Lord, recycled the mold and said, “Can we make a better model?” There’s always room for an upgrade! 

I’ve made mistakes in my life, because of procrastination, but in the end, I listen to my conscience and heart. I think, my heart is too large and my brain is too big for it’s case, that is my skull. I still am not sure why I have survived this long, it could be by my own judgement, quick thinking, and ability to take defeat and pain? What do I fear? 

  1. Losing loved ones. 
  2. Being alone. 
  3. Dying in pain. 
  4. Being heartbroken. 
  5. Exploitation. 
  6. Innocently Imprisoned. 
  7. Aphasia. 
  8. Unable to swallow. 
  9. Buried alive. 
  10. Suffocation. 
  11. Senile Dementia. 
  12. Being Lost. 
  13. Robberies by force. 
  14. Stolen funds. 
  15. Inability to walk. 
  16. Falling down. 
  17. Being Trampled. 
  18. Belittling Remarks. 
  19. Seizures. 
  20. Lost Love. 
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