Genetic Diseases

20 Feb

In my family genetic diseases are passed on through birth, but this is not all bad. I’m the second person besides my grandfather, that is putting a halt on the really bad effects from these diseases. 

My grandfather Rex Leo Trueblood donated his body to science, to be studied and learned from, after his death. I’m planning to do the same with my brain. I believe I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. This neurological disease, my mom had before I was born. This means, that my twin sister may also have this disease. But it can be treated and not be a death sentence. I really believe in stem cell research, to cure all diseases! 

I was reading today in “Allure magazine,”that platelets are a source   

of stem cells. Also cord blood from newborns is a great source of this. Every parent of a child has access to this when their child goes home from the hospital. Umbilical cords dry up and fall off. Why can’t these be saved or donated to save a loved ones life? What about animal  

umbilical cords too? A lot of lives could be saved from this! The last time I gave a blood donation, I took part in a doctor’s special order! I think I gave platelets or albumin away. I felt a profound love eminating from my heart when I was giving my donation. I really feel that I helped save someone’s life! I would do this again. It’s something, I really believe in! 

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