19 Feb

Boy, it’s so hard to find honest and loyal folks these days! I regard myself as one of the few honest people left in this world. I’m also incredibly loyal when it comes to brands. I branded myself once in a well written cover letter, when I applied for a job. I didn’t get that job, but I learned by doing, that cover letter. 

Last night, I made a comment about how my twin sister Cheryl, was a very lucky person. That she, has everything she ever wanted in life, right at her fingertips. Meaning, the ability to use a cell phone and communicate with myself and her husband Pat Zenobio Jr. You see, I saw Pat Zenobio last summer in the Adirondacks. He looked very well to me and not dead, like the obituary I printed out from facebook. Did he need to take a vacation from his family? Recover from kidney surgery, where he received a new kidney from his daughter Brandi? I’m thinking he wants to return to his old home now? I guess, he was just living off the grid? I learned this term a few years ago. 

Getting back to the subject of honesty, can it be bought? Or is it taught at home by parents, guardians, and foster folks, that are raising children with great values? Years ago, I took a Values class in high school. I took everything in and to heart in that class. Honesty is also one of The Ten Commandments, Thou Shall Not Steal. I’m amazed at how folks overlook this commandment. Folks also disregard The Commandments, Thou shall not kill and Thou shall not covet thy neighbors wife! 

Honesty in words and actions is so rare in folks these days, that the truly honest folks left in this world, should be revered and protected for the rest of their lives. I was taught as a young child, with my twin sister as an example, that when you do steal anything of value, it needs to be returned to the person it was stolen from. I have had my vehicle broken into with an American flag stolen from it. My Target backpack was stolen also, the one with the Target symbol on it. My car title was stolen on Maine, where I was living at the Downeaster Motel in Scarborough. I guess, folks just like to steal for a living? I truly want my items returned to me. At the Second Chance shelter in Newark, CA, my car was attempted to be broken into. My code card for entering my car, was taken from me at my current CA residence. Are there folks who steal in my neighborhood, maybe? Someone thinks that stealing is alright. It isn’t alright to steal. One time former friend named Dena Doyle, asked me to give her a warm up jacket from the hospital where we both worked. I did what she asked me to do and that was wrong. 

Dena was my friend and I did what she asked me to do, because I needed her as my friend. I was her loyal friend. What about folks who ask you to steal for them, because they want what you have. They won’t steal clothing, but will write on my cookbook and make it look like it’s there’s. Dena Doyle was allowed by G & R Publishing Company to write by her own script on my cookbook, that I purchased from that business. I don’t think that publishing company or Dena Doyle is very honest. She also a substitute teacher, real estate broker, Nutra System employee, and nurse. Recently, I was having an x-ray taken and a house key was stolen from me at Washington Hospital in Fremont, CA. Washington Hospital in Fremont, CA, broke my Skagen watch and won’t pay me for it. Who can be trusted these days? Not many people. I should be honored for my honesty and loyalty. But instead, folks trying to wipe me off the face of the earth and murder me. I nearly died in 3 car accidents, have been attempted to be hit in crosswalks 5 times, have been poisoned by my ex-husband with my daughter Sheila Ramie as a witness, and have been intentionally bitten by a tick/weevil and have been given viruses with a handmade  cell phone device that left 4 puncture wounds in my right outer calf muscle. Why do folks want to kill me so bad? This started with a snow plow trying to kill me in Holland Patent, NY and also a car driven by a high school student in Holland Patent, tried to run me down from behind with my friend Linda Kingsbury looking on from behind me. She knows why someone tried to kill me. I think it was the girl crush I had on Janie Grogan, when I was 15 years old? Could my lawyers and the police/ state police/ FBI, please put a stop on folks who are trying to kill Sue Trueblood Ramie? Please! 

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