Twin Sister

16 Feb

I have a twin sister who could care less that I exist. She has always gotten everything that she desires and didn’t have to work very hard either. My twin Cheryl, has always laughed at my misfortune and gave my possessions away to my friends behind my back. She abused me by dragging me by my hair, kicking and screaming, across my mom’s bedroom floor without saying she was sorry or showed no remorse for doing this. 

I have written my sister to tell her I needed another place to live and she never responded to my call for help. I was being emotionally abused by my ex-husband and my sister Cheryl, didn’t want to help me, when I was crying out for help. I even gave my sister’s daughter my personal phone number for my sister to call me, but she did not. 

The reason I wanted to talk to her was because, her daughter Brandi, had died and I found this out through facebook months later. Brandi was only 23 years old and the young mother of 3 children. I was worried about her children and their adjustment to their mother’s death. Twenty-three year olds are not supposed to die and leave their young children motherless. 

So I wanted to know what happened to Brandi? It seems like there is a new trend for people to put their obituaries on facebook and not die. Brandi’s dad did this and I printed out his obit. Then this summer, I saw him in The Adirondacks and he didn’t look at all dead to me. 

I even saw someone that looked like Brandi around Fremont,CA too. So I question her death too? Then there was a son of my old friend, and he died according to facebook at 23 also. What is this facebook trend anyway? Is it just on my facebook account or does this happen to other folks too? During last summer I also saw a personalized license plate of his on a car nearby me. I thought he’s not dead, this is just a facebook scam. Other people bought into this also and sent sympathy online  

cards and flowers. It just seems like folks just want to get gifts and attention. They are too cheap to put the obit in the newspaper, where they have to pay for it. Even my father’s obit is bogus, because he showed up in my life again, some 50 years later. He supposedly, died in a plane crash in 1959. I guess, he just wanted a divorce from his wife who had MS and two twins who needed their dad alive. He probably didn’t want to pay child support. He reminds me of my ex-husband, not giving me a legal California divorce settlement. 

Anyway, my twin sister should write my obit for facebook. I’m sure she could get help from someone who hates me. There are more than a few folks who hate Susan T. Ramie, and I’m sure they’d love to help with my demise and obit on facebook. Hey facebook, why not show my death photo like Pinterest does? 

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