Family Values

09 Feb

My family and myself took part in a “Parents Magazine” article from the magazine’s June 1995 issue about how families teach good old American Family Values. This was a special report with survey results. 

Well, time moves on and I know, my life has changed dramatically since being interviewed in this “Parents Magazine” article. I’m a divorced mom, but currently reside with my ex-husband. Our daughters are 23, 25, and 28 years old respectively. I’m presently going through a medical crisis, involving Possible Multiple Sclerosis and a Stroke Protocol. Don Ramie is doing quite well and is still self employed as a Graphic Artist. He still resides in his home and would like grandchildren. 

Laura Ramie is a creator of art education programs at the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum in Pittsburgh, PA. Sheila Ramie is a colorist and hair stylist at the Ma Belle salon in Fremont, CA. Lisa our youngest daughter, works in the copywriting department of a large software company in Pleasanton, CA. All our daughters are artistic, very creative, and want to help their middle age parents in any way they can. 

If “Parents Magazine,” wants to do a follow-up to their June 1995 article, I’m sure our family would oblige. I am Susan Ramie, their mom, and I’m the blogger for this WordPress site. 

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