New Nonprofits

07 Feb

I know for a fact that new not-for- profits are being created to ” help the common good.” Of which, I am talking about the “Lebanese Resettlement Project.” This is a catch phrase coined by my former supervisor from AmeriCorps and myself, Susan T. Ramie. I would love to work with my business partner and great friend again, my former AmeriCorps supervisor. 

My former AmeriCorps supervisor and myself, have always made a great team toward solving the refugee needs of the world. She is a partner that could work with Mrs. Melania Trump. Of course, I want to be included, in this interaction. Both of us are involved with the inception and creation of the new nonprofit, ” The Lebanese Settlement Project” to house refugees from the United States of America, Germany, Jordan, France, Iraq, Syria, and “Greater America.” 

What do I mean by Greater America? I mean, all the other world nations that are overcrowded and overflowing with refugees across the globe. These countries need relief, such as the ever ready and diligent aid from, The American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, The United Way, Goodwill Industries, Oxfam, Feed America, and C.A.R.E. 

As a child, I raised money and involved my community in global awareness called “World Hunger.” Today, refugees from around the world are not always hungry, but they are thirsty for clean water and basic sanitation needs. 

I have read and have seen on Netflix documentaries, the need for basic commodities such as, clean water, portable toilets, internet recharging stations, walk in medical and mental health services. It is widely known, that refugees suffer from PTSD or otherwise known as, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

More refugee needs include public camp security, portable pop up schools, clothing allowances, and aid to female refugee innovative business creators and leaders. These female head of households, need lawyers and legal advice to set up their go fund me sites, twitter/social media accounts, and fair and free trade bank accounts. 

I so believe in these business practices for this rising class of refugee business women. Let’s start a global conversation about this, my former AmeriCorps supervisor! You taught me well during my AmeriCorps days, and I want to thank you publically for this unique educational opportunity. I look forward to working with you on more AmeriCorps jobs and on our latest Nonprofit, “The Lebanese Resettlement Project.” 

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