31 Jan

How do I define LOVE? Well, it should be given freely between two persons. The ideal love position, has no attachments or nothing to be given in return. My view is that the total person should be loved. This implies that LOVE is not just based on sexual needs. 

Sexual needs are extremely important though! I’m in love and have been trying to meet my sexual gratification. To be honest, no one is that interested in my blog, but I really love to write and express my controversial opinions. I believe, I suffer from MS, and I’ve know for a long time that I have sexual disfunction. Having this alone, does not make me a wonderful sex partner. It takes me a very long time to have an orgasm. Sometimes, I don’t even have one at all. People who know me, should feel sorry for me, because they have “normal” heterosexual relationships. 

You see, Two different guys tried to rape me once and had a lasting effect on my psyche. I suffer now from PTSD. Another guy I met in a bar once when I was 19, I feel, could have raped me or even killed me, in the back of his white panelled truck. He was the best kisser, that I ever knew of. I’m an excellent kisser, honey, I should know. I could id a potential rapist, from this experience. 

One time I woke up next to my boyfriend when I was 20 years old. But when I woke, my bikini top was under my large breasts and I realized that I had been molested in my sleep. I think my boyfriend, gave me a date rape drug? I don’t remember being molested, but just woke up that way. 

I feel like men have always tried to take advantage of me, sexually. But women have too! Could it be that I’m really sexy? Has someone spread the wrong reputation of me, out in public? I’m very sensual and make a great marital sex partner, but I don’t want to be raped, molested, sexually assaulted, or sexually photographed or videotaped anymore! 

I’m a person who has tried to live a “clean” life. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love sex, but privately. I do have fantasies though. That makes one, more interesting and more of a complete partner. I do have a same sex partner now, that I absolutely adore! I’m really upset and afraid, that she’s going to leave me, because of this cleverly crafted blog! She is hands down the true love of my life and will always be my one  

and only absolute true love! I ADORE YOU HONEY! I miss her so much. Honey, my phone number is: 207-408-3300. I need so much to see you again! I’m not much without you. I’m trying to join AmeriCorps again, because I miss you so much! Call me, my beautiful bride, because I love you sooooo much! I want us to build our life together, in our new home somewhere? Maybe Portland, Maine again or Saco, Biddeford, Bath, or Scarborough? Or maybe, Minnesota, your home state? Let me know honey! ” The world is your oyster, sweetie!” 

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