05 Jan

I don’t know why my biological daughters don’t embrace their heritage? They have such great and    

fascinating roots! My children are descendants of the Bartons, Hummels, Burke’s, and the Collins’s. These are well-to-do noble and wealthy families! Let’s not forget about the Eatons or the Clarks. If anyone is talking Celtic, you have to list the noble Trueblood’s! Boy, I hope I don’t leave any clans out. 

What about the incredibly notable and noble Fettings, originally from 

Silesia. Lest not we forget about the courageous Schrider family! One of my relatives was Solomon Schrider. In Germany, the name Schrider is spelled differently. When the Schriders left Berlin, I wonder who got left behind? Did all my relatives that were from Treptow, come to America? Or were some left behind and forced into Concentration Camps? I know one of my relatives was a member of the SS. I think that was the German Secret Service? Anybody know for sure? I welcome all my European relatives to respond to this. 

What about my Danish, Finnish, and Swedish relatives? I welcome you into my life and “My Heritage”  

site online! I really want to connect with you guys. This is a safe place to talk and I would love to share personal items and memorabilia with you! 

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