Women – The Rising Class

16 Jul

Women of all ages, social status, religions, cultures, colors, and transgenders are rising up for their rights, to own and operate businesses, to be politically powerful, and to wake up a changing American landscape of men being the superior sex. 

Women outnumber men in college, operate successful businesses to feed their families, and want to be heard and equal to men all around the world. Donald Trump you want to make America great again. Women have already been doing that, since they got the right to vote in America. I support Middle Eastern women who become American citizens. They want to vote and finally have their say. I support African women who make beautiful crafts, to feed their families, give clothes to their children, so their children can go to school. Education is so important to all people, not just here in America. Donald Trump, it sounds like you don’t believe in public education. You prefer, private schools and probably Christian schools. African and refugee schools are for children who need education and have lost so much in their lives. Do you know what happens or could happen if they don’t get educated? Those refugee children lose hope, they don’t value their lives or anyone else’s. They become a terrorist threat not only to Americans, but to everyone around the world. Everyone on this planet, needs public education as to the ways of the world we live in. 

As for many women, they join the Peace Corp, AmeriCorps, the Military, the Supreme Court, and of course, Politics. Women have done so much for American values, medicine, and science. American women who are Black, raise children to be socially and politically conscious adults. Women of all colors Raise People Up! So do transgender and gay women. Are all those women left out of the conversation? 

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