Blood Donors 

02 Jul

Yesterday, I made an appointment to be a blood donor again! It’s something that selfless, that everyone that can, should do! I’ve done it quite a few times. I keep seeing the news image of blood donors in Orlando, waiting in line, to give life to the victims of the mass tragedy. 

It’s not just for victims of mass tragedies. Blood donations are needed all the time! When I was working as a nurse, I would pick up the pint of blood for my patient and then start their IV and transfuse it into them. When my mom was very sick, I wanted to give her my blood, for the transfusion she needed. But I couldn’t then. I didn’t weigh 110lbs. I never forgot that though. So I give to other folks, in need! 

A little fact in my own family. Only 2 out of 5 of us, are blood donors. One of my daughters and myself! When my dad was alive, he gave as much as he could. He was the only member of his family giving blood donations. I’m a Universal Donor, like he was. My daughter has a different blood type. 

There’s a lot I don’t understand in this world, but a huge one is, why aren’t there more blood donors? Why aren’t people more selfless or caring about strangers? Giving blood is life saving and giving back! It’s another form of volunteerism, that I take seriously. Yah, I’m receiving a cool tie dyed shirt thanking me for my service, but it’s so much more than that! 

You can save your own life, if you’re having surgery and may need a blood transfusion. You can donate your blood back to yourself! It does my heart good, to give life back to someone else! I’m proud to give back to a total stranger. Being selfless and giving life and hope, is something we all should think about and do! Please, be a blood donor! You can save a life! 

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