Keep America Strong

30 Jun

I’m incredibly insecure about our frontline airport security. American airports have to think like European hubs. We are a global hub of busy travel. I know we will heighten security all over America for this patriotic holiday, but it has to be consistent across all American airports always! 

Do military like security like it takes to get on a base. Take this wake-up call seriously, I think we have to think like the enemy and get very serious about this. We have to be vigilant with all our states and territories. I don’t like Donald Trump’s wall idea, because we already have one. But Please Keep America Secure! 

I love to travel and have used many avenues of travel. Hello, let’s think of all these soft targets here in America and it’s territories. Yes, all Americans need to keep their eyes, ears, and all their senses open to their surroundings at all times. Wake up folks, this is our public reality! I hate to be a fear monger, but I’m a very protective person. I love my country, Donald Trump, and I too, want America to be safe and a peaceful nation like a lot of immigrants do too! 

I’ve worked with refugees through AmeriCorps in Maine. I met wonderful refugees and folks who try to help them feel welcome in America! But so many refugees really want to go back to their native roots. But they can’t. It’s definitely not safe, costs so much, and there’s not much left to go back to. 

They really are folks in limbo. They really try to be safe here, as their second home, away from home. They value their religion and culture. What’s wrong with that? Don’t we, as Americans? They need to feel secure and productive in America. Especially the young and older women. They feel free in America. What’s wrong with that? Nothing! America needs  more women of color to help make decisions. 

Sorry for my rant, but sometimes that’s what it takes to really get things done! Everyone, Please Keep America Strong! Hey, Donald Trump, I said all this, without cursing! 

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