Black Cat Love

22 Jun

Yesterday I adopted and rescued two kittens from a California shelter via a National Petstore. For over a year, I frequent this Petstore to look at the dogs in the pet hotel/daycare and to look at the cats and kittens up for adoption. I always thought I should adopt one, but never took the steps to do that. I really believe in pet rescues and shelter adoptions, but was complacent in my attitude toward that. 

Well the time came, and I finally took the bull by the horns and did the right thing, and adopted an orange tabby polydactyl kitten and a stray malnurished black female kitten. In my family, the black kitten caught everybody’s eye. But my daughter who has volunteered with another animal shelter said, you’ve got to get both kitties, because they’re bonded. 

Yes, they really are bonded! I did notice at the Petstore, that all the folks looking at the kittens admired the orange tabby ones. One girl liked the black skinny one. In my family we all love black animals. We have a black Guinea pig that we adore! 

When I was young, I brought home a neighbors farm kitten to keep. I named it Midnight, because it was black! My mom didn’t like cats, so I brought it back to be given to a neighbors cousin. I never forgot Midnight! Years later, I found out Midnight got killed by a car a week after my friend’s cousin had her. I feel like I’ve come full circle by adopting this stray black kitten. Right now, we don’t have a certain name for her, but it won’t be Midnight. That name was already taken! I welcome any suggestions on a name for the black female kitty! 

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