Being American

13 Jun

America is my country of origin, but I have outrage against the FBI and how they do their job! Why didn’t they keep following the Orlando mass murderer? Please, keep bullets out of the hands of folks you’ve followed for 10 months! 

Hello, American, we are inclusive folks that shouldn’t hate and kill! This is 2016, let’s all respect color, race, religions, values, and sexual preferences! I’m only 1 person, but I’m truly an American! 

I believe in love not hate and peace not war! That’s what I’ve always believed as an American. I have felt hatred towards me too. It was ugly and wrong. I’ve felt fear towards me and I’m not the real fear. 

I’m protective and loving as a loved one and parent. I value the LGBTQ community at the Pulse nightclub who shielded each other from killing and ripping apart bullets, because they really know how to love one another! To me, they truly have good ‘ol American values. They are American treasures and true heroes! We need to look up to them not hate them! 

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