09 Jun

I know what this stands for, because I have it! Believe me, I’m not alone! Abused women, men, boys, girls, and pets have it! The young woman in the recent Stanford Sexual Assualt case has it! I read her whole letter to her Perpetrator or Digital Penetrator. Thank God, for the two Swedes that rescued her unconscious body and took down the Perp! Otherwise, he wouldn’t of been caught and she would have just been another victim, just a drunk one! 

I took a chance once when I was young, in the back of some guy’s van, who I met through a girlfriend’s date. A bar was involved, but luckily I wasn’t too drunk and I listened to my sixth sense. I got the hell out of there, before I got digitized. Some guys did do that to me though. Maybe, they were checking the fit? Guys like a virgin fit! 

Let’s get back to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It happens when you lose a loved one suddenly! They die or just plain reject you! Both has happened to me! I learned what PTSD was from my ex-husband. He said, while we were married, “I think you have PTSD?” He was right! I didn’t realize it at the time, but I did have it! I know why I had it too! I married the wrong person for my sensitive emotional make-up. The first time I met him, he revealed his angry side to me. I didn’t head the red flags. He has a flip personality. He can be so charming, but then he can change to needing Anger Management Classes. I am friends with him and we share 3 daughters. He’s just not good to be married to. Now, I don’t let him get very close to me, physically or emotionally. He doesn’t like boundaries. 

Folks concentrate on War Veterans  and PTSD, but boys have it too! What about the victims of Priests around the world? What about incest in families? What about high school locker rooms and PE classes? What about guys groping other guys? Why do they feel the need to do that? 

What about animals who have PTSD from owners that never get prosecuted for what they did to their pup? My daughters loving pup has PTSD! She was part of a puppy mill and was probably born in one. She had the great fortune to run away and be rescued by my daughter, who adopted her from the local animal shelter. Yesterday, I saw her PTSD come back, after my ex-husband touched her. I think she recognizes anger in humans. I saw the look of fear in her eyes and wanting to run away. Animals are so sensitive to this. 

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