Work, Work, Work

26 May

I can describe my work in four little words. I Need A Vacation! I can’t wait for the tree day Holiday! I do feel grumbly today! Not only about work, but life in general. 

My family had another cat die yesterday. He was old and sick, but the emptiness is getting to me, around the house. This loss on top of the other has walloped me. This one was expected, but too close to the other. 

I’m grumbly at work, because some how I’m involved in some office politics with another workers problem. I think, Why Me? The Secretary should pick on somebody else, for a change. I’m tired of taking this crap. I got words for myself, Too Nice! 

If only she knew what I really thought! What if someone really knew what I thought and felt? That’s a real concept! I would have plenty to say! Believe Me! 

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