Therapy Pets

22 May

My daughter had a beloved pet suddenly die a little over a week ago. He touched each one of us and  added love and a sense of fun back into our lives. Since his death, this home has been sad and empty without him. I think he went in every room and almost covered the square footage of this property. I believe his energy is still running around near us. 

So, my youngest daughter brought her dog over yesterday, that she had adopted from the local shelter 9 months ago. Aunt May, has taken on a new role as our family Therapy Dog or Therapy Pup, as I like to call her. I watched Aunt May doing her therapy, and it was working. My daughter whose cat died, was a lot happier and stroking the dog. Aunt May came to the Rescue, of my daughter. She saught her out too, by cuddling with her. It’s amazing that animals know just what to do, to help heal the hurt and wounded humans. I believe dogs that are war veterans, really are the best medicine for their soldiers, in PTSD. In all cases of sudden death, animals should be sent in as Therapy Pets, for the bereaved. I got my first pet when I was 15, and it would have been really good therapy, to have one earlier in my life. 

My sister and I got our Irish Setter puppy when we were 15. She was our Therapy Dog, before I knew what that meant. She was also a companion Service Dog for our mom, who had Multiple Sclerosis and was in a wheelchair. When our mom was alone, Penny, wouldn’t leave her side. She sensed that our mom was helpless, and that was true. Penny, provided an unconditional love to our mom, when I couldn’t accept, my mom’s long term decline and illness. I had already lost all my beloved close relatives and dad, and couldn’t accept losing my mom too. 

So I totally believe in Therapy Pets. By far, they are better than any pill, and ending one’s own life from PTSD, or anything else. More animals should be trained as Therapy Pets! That’s a Non Profit, I could pledge my heart and money to! 

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