What I Live For

13 May

There are so many things I live for these days. I live for love, Weekends, funny pet memes, future vacations, music, love messages, and hugs! I got to have hugs! Music also makes my world go around! It always has. Talking, cuddling, and spending time with all the folks I love means the world to me. I live for giving and receiving precious love! I think I was made to give my love to my dear love! 

So, I live for the future experiences that are yet to come. Thinking about this Really Excites Me! I know the love I have is real and extra special! It’s the kind of love, I didn’t ever think I would find and experience. It’s a once in a lifetime, kind of love. I feel devoted and so passionate. This love is a dream come true! It’s hard to believe, because love doesn’t happen to me. Heartache happens to me, but maybe there is love at the end of the rainbow! 

This is what I live for, Love and Beautiful Possibilities! It took my whole life to get here, but the best things come to the patient ones! 

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