Laying Low

11 May

I’ve learned this year, sometimes to lay low in the classroom. I look at the students coming in over the learning threshold and I size them up. Do they want to learn today, are they going to be trouble makers, or are they greeting me cooperatively? 

I always size people up, whether they are good team players, kind folks, want to run the show, or are open to be friendly to me. What are their intentions? I had some really warm greetings in the classroom and I thought, where did that come from? The warmth, caught me off guard. 

I’m friendly with my work, but I’m  

Still all business. If I’m at work, these days, I try to be on the job. I think I’m a mystery to some folks. Even my mom didn’t know everything about me. She knew a lot though. Moms are really alert and can hurt your feelings sometime. My mom was sometimes like that with her direct remarks. She didn’t know how sensitive and private, I was. 

But mom was right, about me. 

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