11 May

I do like to communicate electronically. I would rather do this, especially if the subject matter is hard to talk about. If I’m angry, it difuses my tone. I try to limit my anger, because I end up crying and it’s a mess! Having two people crying, could be a river of tears. Especially, if you love that person. 

Face to face communication is always hard for me. The best way to communicate with me, is through touch. But some folks abuse that privilege and my boundaries. I’ve been touched where I didn’t want to be touched, during a school field trip, once. It sent an alarming shock up my spine. It was uncalled for and unwanted. It came from behind me at a Science Museum. 

Again folks think I’m open game for those kind of touches. I’m not! Bad folks literally do or say things behind my back. I don’t need that kind of communication. It’s confusing to me and unwanted! 

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