Summer Vacation

10 May

I’m ready too, for a break from school. During summer breaks in previous years, I worked as a cashier at Target. I did that for 7 years+ and just can’t do that anymore. That’s a good thing! I got a repetative motion injury with my left thumb and Palm. Nursing injured my neck and gave me a hernia. Teaching has finally caught up to my feet. So I’ve been researching what to do about my Plantar Pain. I thought about nurses, with them almost always being on their feet. I spent over 13,000 hours on my feet, doing nursing. My foot, is finally revolting. It’s big business, in the foot care field. Shoe companies, Podiatrists, and foot care products, must make a ton of money! Especially with Professional women. They love their shoes! 

In the classrooms, I look for a place to sit down and rest my foot. In Nursing and at Target, I would melt into my chair at meals and breaks. I hated to get up, when I had to. But Summer, is almost here! Summer means to me, The County Fair, maybe a family camping trip, maybe work, dog sitting, and beach time. I love summer veggies and barbecues. I love The Fourth of July! Summer means going back to the Farmers Market! It means art fairs! 

When I was in NY, it meant trips to The Adirondacks and all the lakes there. My faves are, Blue Mountain Lake, and 4th and 8 th Lakes! 

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