Ugh Mondays!

09 May

I’m definitely not a Monday type, but it’s good for me to get my butt out of bed and get moving. I’d like to say, I don’t do Monday’s, but that’s not lucrative for me. Money is very important in life, but I feel love really makes the world go around. 

I’m opinionated as hell. Folks just think oh she’s so quiet, she must not have anything to say! But, give me an opening and watch out! Folks will want to shut me up! They’ll think, oh no, not her again! 

I actually hold back in my public writing! My Google Docs, is much more, all hanging out and raw. It’s the kind of writing to express myself! 

I believe in writing love messages to my love! Everyday, a little something, to have something to look forward too! I could be a relationship therapist, a cheap one, but with authenticity! A New Job! I need a summer job! Everyone  

Wants and needs a love life therapist or better yet, A Coach! I don’t think I’ll put this skill on my resume! Just saying! After all, I’ll a private type and a bit of a show off! But, I do have my limits and boundaries. Some folks don’t think so, but I really do! I received a pornographic email once, of something, I didn’t do! I was horrified at it and thought of all the folks who could have seen it too! These things don’t go away and I’m afraid, it followed me, to another state that I had moved to. 

I really hope nothing bad like that was circulating around about me. That kind of Internet junk can ruin a career, job, and/reputation. It happened to me during my divorce and hurt my ability in child custody visits. I was treated like a degenerate and my ex brought it up to me. I said it wasn’t true, but he didn’t believe me. These days so many folks can photoshop your photo doing some act, you never did! My image was photoshopped. If it can happen to me, it could happen to anyone. 

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