Being A Mom

07 May

I just remembered tomorrow is Mother’s Day! I’m still feeding off of my birthday, so I haven’t really focused on Mother’s Day, except for my daughter’s birthday video of her life, so far. My daughters never forget me, and I’m so happy about that. 

I wish my mom and grandma were still alive, but I know their spirits are with me, whenever I need them. I never forgot my mom on Mother’s Day! What she kept of my Mother’s Day gifts I made as a child, were the wood cutting board I decorated with flowers and the card I made for her with a poem and flowers. I’ve found, that I too have kept the homemade cards, drawings, and poems my daughters all made for me for Mother’s Day! 

Being a mom is the hardest job. To give birth to all my daughters was physically hard on my body. Many times, I’ve wished I had my pre-pregnancy body back. But, overall, I wouldn’t give any of my daughters back. They are such huge loves of my life. 

I feel being a mom, is open to anyone, who will love, nurture, and take good care of that child. I don’t care what ethnicity or sexual orientation you are. Just love and guide those innocent ones. It doesn’t matter who your biological  parents were. What matters, is that you have loving moms, dads, grandmas, or siblings. Two of one kind can be double the love and fun! 

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