Being An Advocate

05 May

I’d like to be an advocate for all the women and men who have been victims of abuse that’s unseen and hidden away. It’s hidden away, because of embarrassment and shame. It’s about, I should be a better or different person. There’s something that’s not good enough about me, as a lover, spouse, or partner. 

When in effect, there’s nothing wrong with the victim, it’s the perpetrator’s fault. It’s their baggage and inability to control their anger. The victim, just has to be brave enough to tell someone. That’s the key to bullying or any victimization. Just Advocate For Yourself And Tell Someone Who Will Listen. 

Holding pain in, hurts your body, your relationships, your worthiness, and can end your life, if you let it. Don’t Let That Happen! You Are Loved And Will Be Missed! 

I almost lost my life in a needless car accident once. A Higher Power made it very aware to me who I loved and who loved me back, in about 3 seconds. Wow! What a Life Changing Event! 

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