Girls Rule

02 May

Today I was in Chemistry and none of the guys wanted to put their Chem problems on the board. But 3 young women did! The guys looked like, I’ll let the girls do all the work. In PE, some guys were making the girls work extra for the    

Puck in street hockey. One of the girls looked like, Really? The girls outsmart the boys. But that’s been going on forever. 

I sound like a feminist. At least, I believe in the intelligence and will power of women. Women are pretty cunning like foxes. Are they calculating? You betcha! Cagy women, they are a handful, but can be very sweet at getting what they want. Just saying. I’m the sweet know it all kind. My male friends would always have their ways of cutting me down to size. 

They would sit on me and put burdock down my clothes, etc. Then I’d be laughing, because it was so ridiculous what they were doing to me. I was such a smart ass! Still am, I guess? There are folks who like me and then some who really don’t, for other reasons. 

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