29 Apr

Today is my birthday and I’m sharing it with disabled students and their caregivers. I made a choice to spend my day with them and I brought snacks, cookies, and Capri Sun. I was going to go gluten free, but I didn’t get that done. 

I really like spending my special day with students that others don’t want spend time with. It’s hard because these students don’t talk, but they can smile and get excited. Their caregivers are special folks too. They don’t get a lot of thanks. They are kind and good people. 

They were surprised when I said the cookies were homemade. I haven’t baked in a long time, but I enjoyed doing it. If I was in Maine, I would of bought Whoopie Pies. If I was in New York, I would have bought Half Moon cookies. I love Choomi cookies too! 

One of the subs, said she went to high school with Jerry Seinfeld. It’s his birthday today too. She said, he had funny friends in school. She was surprised he chose stand up comedy, because he wasn’t terribly funny in high school. I’m sure he would probably   

Laugh at this post. Happy Birthday, Jerry Seinfeld! ♉️

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