26 Apr

Working today in Biology and Conceptual Physics. I’m learning about the student’s classroom teacher. She loves her Corgi. I found out from her TA, that she paid $2000 for him. Wow! I wouldn’t ever pay that much for a pet. After my daughter adopted a shelter dog, I’m sold on shelters or rescues. I still might buy another dog from a breeder, but would never spend that much. 

I had an experience in class with a boy that got his thumb stuck in a tape dispenser hole. His thumb started turning purple, so I took apart the dispenser cover and wiggled his thumb out, without injury. Teenage boys, oh boy! 

When I did nursing, we had a patient that put a to Tictac, in his ear. The doctor had me dissolve it in warm water. Of course, we also had a child that stuffed a tissue way up their nose. That was tricky for the doctor to remove. 

School is a weird place sometimes. Like nursing, you never know what’s going to happen next. I try to be alert, to what might happen. I do feel sorry for students that don’t like crowds. When we are passing sometimes, there are narrow walkways of students. Lots of students coming from different angles at me. Sometimes you’re jostled, but usually it’s civil. The other day, I heard a student say her ass was grabbed. It happened me too, this year. I wondered how many girls that has happened to? 

I feel protective of the female students, the disabled ones, and the gay and transgender students. I thought about bathrooms that are restricted in North Carolina schools. It’s wrong to be that homophobic or non-inclusive. 

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