America’s Got Talent in San Francisco

25 Feb

Yesterday, I went to the taping of the San Francisco Auditions of America’s Got Talent. It was a great experience and one that I’ll never forget! I was part of a large group welcoming party for Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel, Howard Stern, and Nick Cannon. I saw Sharon Osbourne from about 7 feet away! I loved her hairstyle and color! Her hair was a red with a shade of black in it. It was done exceptionally well! She was so welcoming and nice to the crowd. We actually looked more like a mob around her. I saw what celebrities go through in crowds. It wasn’t much fun! In contrast, Nick Cannon and Howard Stern were well shrouded by security guards! I only saw the top of Howard’s head and I didn’t see Nick at all in the crowd. I was pleased with the comments that the judges had to make about the talent performing on stage. I thought the judges did their jobs well. The star of the show, was Granny G. from Grass Valley, CA. She was an 80 year-old granny with a walker that said, she was going to talk about “family values.” Granny G. talked about horny young men and rapped a great tune! She was stupendous!!! All of us will see her on stage during their show in Las Vegas! I also learned a new hair term in S.F. One guy attending the show was wearing a skullet! I didn’t know what that was, until I saw it in person. I had a great time in San Fran, watching the audition show. I recommend seeing a live television show, for free! It’s a lot of fun and you might see a “skullet” too!


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4 responses to “America’s Got Talent in San Francisco

  1. Matthew

    February 26, 2012 at 8:07 am

    I wanted to go but didn’t have the time, and I’m already regretting the missed opportunity!


    • zeebadeeb

      February 26, 2012 at 12:37 pm

      This was the first time America’s Got Talent came to San Francisco for an audition. I’m pretty sure they’ll be back, next year. I should have worked on Friday, but I just couldn’t pass up this great opportunity to see the show and see the celebrity judges up close and personal. When I got to the Bill Graham Auditorium, the lines were really long wrapping around the civic center park. I wasn’t sure that I would get a seat to see the show. The event staff were very speedy at checking us in with our tickets in hand. I got in through, On Camera Audiences. I’ve seen a few LA shows this way. San Francisco is a lot easier for me to get to, than LA. For myself, Bart was the way to go. The Event Staff, told my line to go to the front of the Auditorium building. We were going to be the celebrity greeting party as the limo’s pulled up. It was a great San Francisco greeting that we gave the celebs. Howie came with a jet power pack,gloves, and helmut. He looked like he works out. Sharon pulled up and was so gracious and giving to come about 7 feet from me and was great with the big crowd. She got the loudest fan welcome. Howard Stern and Nick Cannon had the most body guards and I only saw the top of Howard’s head. Seeing the celebrities up close was a huge highlight for me. Granny G. from Grass Valley will do well in Vegas! She’s a real star. Her elderly husband was not too far from my seat in the balcony. He didn’t like the camera attention. Granny G. had a fan group already around her when I left the lobby. We need more live shows to come to San Francisco. I’ve been to 7 Live once and when they had, A View From The Bay, once. The LA shows are the best. They’re stricter in LA on their sets. Holding the show at the Auditorium, food and drink was allowed inside. There were some rowdy beer drinkers making some comments against Howie Mandel. I don’t think it was deserved and he didn’t like it much. Howard said, he loves the San Francisco crowds and they really turned out when he did a book signing in S.F. Sharon was welcomed with adoration from the audience. Nick Cannon didn’t appear very much on stage, during the audition show. I wondered if he’s feeling well? He’s a really nice guy. All in all, the day was a one of a kind experience!


      • Matthew

        February 26, 2012 at 1:16 pm

        Wow, thanks for such detail! I actually haven’t watched the shows much in previous seasons but am going to be following it this year. I listen to Stern on the radio, and while he can be obnoxious, he’s mellowed over the years and can also be a sweetheart. I don’t know which side will show up for AGT. He’s talked with both Howie, Nick, and Sharon on his radio show about how it works, and it sounds like Nick always spends a lot of time backstage, even when in best of health. Sometimes it’s to tape things with contestants, and other times it’s because he’s so busy that he naps whenever and wherever he can. He’s quit his own radio show, so I hope that his health will improve!


      • zeebadeeb

        February 27, 2012 at 11:23 am

        I was surprised that Nick wasn’t on stage as much as he is, when America’s Got Talent airs. What you see on TV is not what really happens behind the scenes. I know they do a lot of additional taping and editing. I hope Nick’s health will continue to improve, because he’s a busy dad and husband now. I have a twin sister and I know both my parents were worn out when we were born. I voted for Sharon to get slimed on the Kids Choice Awards for America’s Got Talent, being best reality show. She wanted everyone to vote.



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