Saying Goodbye

29 Jun

We received word last night that my former mother-in-law wasn’t doing very well in the hospital. When I heard the words low blood pressure, I knew her condition probably wasn’t going to improve. I went to sleep after midnight or rather, I tried to sleep, but found myself in a weird dream like state. My dream was one of the weirdest I have had. There were about 3 or 4 costumed large beings walking toward me in a row. They looked like Transformers characters. Suddenly my former mother-in-law came to me and placed her very cold hand on my back. I knew it was her and that she had just passed away. I felt very comforted and emotional about her coming to me to say goodbye. It’s a reassurance that I will never forget. She was kind and very generous in spirit. The cast of characters that I envisioned led her away to a knew life. A life that was free from pain and heartache. It gave me more thoughts about an afterlife.

I feel like I have grown up and made peace with my former mother-in-law. It has been very cathartic for me to record her recipes and relive the fun times that we had together. The painful times, I too, want to forget. She was a very helpful and a good woman and wife. I know she has been re-united with her other family members that preceded her in death. The one thing about death that is very intriguing to me, is the peace and freedom of the spirit. One’s spirit is light and carefree and moves so quickly from one location to another. The energy from the spirit is vibrant and unharnessed in its mobility and containment. It gives us hope, love, and security to carry on. One’s spirit is a life giver and a life saver. Spirit truly is a beautiful embodiment.

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